Yarn Braids Hairstyles

Yarn braids are the new generation of hair extensions. They are called “yarn” because… right, because they are the braids made of yarn! These braids are installed into your natural hair (you can do it at home) thus making your hairstyle look much cooler. Why do we love them? Because the yarn braided hairstyles look very, very good. The yarn extensions can make almost every African American haircut better, because adding some volume, length and texture is always a cool thing.

Another advantage is that you don’t need to go to a hair salon to install them. We recommend going to a professional hairdresser only if you’re an absolute beginner – in all other cases, you’ll do it by yourself.

The last cool thing you have to know about the yarn locs is that such hairstyles can safely be called protective hairstyles, which means they can help prevent the ends from getting damaged and prevent hair from breakage. Oh, and btw, the yarn braids are extremely cheap and cost-effective, and that’s cool, too!

There are also some cons you should know about. Like, they took quite long to install (you’ll have to spend several hours on it). Or the fact that you’ll have to use lots of moisturizer, for example. But is it really a big deal when we are talking about something as cool as the yarn braids?

Let’s start.

Cool hairstyles with yarn braids

Cool hairstyles with yarn braids 1

Cool hairstyles with yarn braids 2

Cool hairstyles with yarn braids 3

Cool hairstyles with yarn braids 4

Curly and Afro-textured hair are the most unique hair textures, right. But it’s also extremely difficult to manage and to style them, that’s another fact. And when you’re finally tired of trying to manage it, it’s the time for you to start thinking about the extensions.

Yarn braids are not the most popular type of extensions, but they are definitely worth your attention. We’re sure that you were looking for something as simple as these braids — because yarn braids are really low-maintenance. We bet you’ll love them!

Check these four amazing ideas for yarn braiding. Whether you are a beginner or a pro braider, you won’t have any problems with them.

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The best yarn braids with color

The best yarn braids with color 1

The best yarn braids with color 2

The best yarn braids with color 3

The best yarn braids with color 4

When you start thinking about expressing yourself through your hairstyle, the colorful styles are probably the first thing that comes to mind. And you know what? This idea is not so bad!

Blue, red, pink, green, yellow or rainbow — basically all these colors will look fantastic on you, especially if you’ve already made the yarn braids. The good news is that you won’t need to dye the braids themselves — there are dozens of acrylic braids that come in different colors. So basically, all you have to do is choose the color and make the braids, that’s all. Ready for your new, colorful style?

Awesome yarn dreads

Awesome yarn dreads 1

Awesome yarn dreads 2

Awesome yarn dreads 3

Awesome yarn dreads 4

Awesome yarn dreads 5

It’s time for some awesome yarn dreadlocks — and when we say “awesome”, we do really mean it!

Wanna make dreadlocks? Well, acrylic yarn is another material for dreads, and it’s quite good. The only problem is that there is always the risk of mold because it takes from 4 to 12 (yes, twelve!) hours for yarn to dry after washing. Well, it is a problem of all yarn extensions, so you should be ready for it. But the result is certainly worth it — just look at the pictures above and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

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Cute yarn braids styles

Cute yarn braids styles 1

Cute yarn braids styles 2

Cute yarn braids styles 3

Cute yarn braids styles 4

Acrylic or wool braids? It’s a very common question for anyone looking for yarn braids. Some people prefer wool, some like acrylic – but there’s one thing we’d like to tell you; the braids made of both of these materials can look extremely cool and cute. Check the four images above and choose!

P.S. Wool can be itchy, but you can use a moisturizer to solve this problem.

Beautiful yarn twists hairstyles

Beautiful yarn twists hairstyles 1

Beautiful yarn twists hairstyles 2

Beautiful yarn twists hairstyles 3

Beautiful yarn twists hairstyles 4

The yarn twists are very versatile (that’s another reason why we love them). You can do almost everything you want with them — and the result will still look great!

It’s not only words, it’s the fact. We’ve found four pictures of beautiful yarn twists hairstyles, and we know that you won’t remain indifferent when you see them. Ready?

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Pictures of yarn box braids

Pictures of yarn box braids 1

Pictures of yarn box braids 2

Pictures of yarn box braids 3

Pictures of yarn box braids 4

Box braids is an awesome hairstyle, without any doubts. Simple and very low-maintenance protective style that looks perfect on curly hair — yeah, box braids are deservedly on top. But what about using yarn to make them?

In short words, it’s a great idea. You will add length, add texture and protect your hair with yarn box braids hairstyles, so we see no reasons why you should ignore them!

Yarn hair braids you will love

Yarn hair braids you will love 1

Yarn hair braids you will love 2

Yarn hair braids you will love 3

Yarn hair braids you will love 4

What about some crochet yarn braids? Or some braids with beads, maybe? As we’ve said, versatility is probably the main advantage of the yarn braids extensions. Take a look at what we’ve found for you here – we are sure you’ll love these images of yarn hair braids!

Trendy short yarn braids

Trendy short yarn braids 1

Trendy short yarn braids 2

Trendy short yarn braids 3

Trendy short yarn braids 4

Ladies often use yarn braids to make hair look longer. However, if long hair isn’t your goal, you definitely need to take a look at short braids. They are sexy, feminine and really beautiful — we hope that these pictures above will prove our words!