Tree Braids

Tired of the same hairstyles? Suffer from thin and messy curls? It’s time for a change! If you are looking for something unusual and interesting for your hair, you’ve come to the right place. We have something to offer you.

Meet one of the most popular afro hairstyles – tree braids originated from cornrow braids. This is a great option for a daily hairstyle that will help you diversify your usual set of hairstyles. By the way, you can wear tree braids for some formal occasions as well, as the tree braids are the perfect base for a gorgeous updo.

Let’s check out beautiful photos with tree braids that can inspire you to try this eye-catching hairstyle!

What Are Tree Braids?

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If you haven’t come across tree braid weaving, it may be difficult to understand how they look. Let’s see what are the tree braids. In fact, it is a hairstyle that includes hair extensions that are woven into the hair with the help of little tight braids. Tree braids are often called invisible. They are hidden and almost unseen on your hair, unlike the usual cornrows. Such a hairstyle with hair extensions allows you to significantly increase the volume and add length to natural strands.

Of course, you can make tree braids on hair of any type of texture. But they are most suitable for African-American hair, as it is rigid, well-weaveable and perfectly keeps its shape. By the way, black ladies look gorgeous with this hairstyle!

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Best Hair For Tree Braids

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If you’re going to make tree braids, you need to choose the type of extension that you will weave into your hair. There are two options: synthetic and human hair extensions. They both have advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide which option you choose for your tree braids. Let’s dwell a bit on this.

As a rule, artificial strands are much cheaper and it makes them an attractive option. Also, synthetic extensions provide a huge selection of colors. However, tree braids with this type of extensions will last much less than tree braids with natural ones. In addition, you’ll be limited in styling. Hot styling with the help of flattening irons or curlers is not suitable for girls who wear synthetic strands, as such thermal styling can damage them.

Human hair extensions are likely to be an expensive purchase. But if you choose natural hair extensions, you can be sure that tree braids will last for a long time. Literally, up to several months! Also, you can use hair straighteners, curlers, hair dryers without any restrictions and not be afraid to damage the strands.

So what’s better? It is hard to say. If you just want to experiment with a haircut and try something new, choose synthetic hair extensions. So, you can try tree braids and not to spend a lot of money for the first time. Just make sure you like the way tree braids look. If you care about how long do tree braids last and like to do a variety of styling, opt for human hair exceptions.

How To Do Tree Braids: Pictures With Tips

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You should be prepared for the fact that tree braids are very time-consuming. Be ready to spend up to several hours for weaving. Yes, it’s long enough, but believe us, the result is worth it! Regardless of what kind of hair extension you choose, you’ll need at least 20 inches of hair. Don’t worry that the braids will be too long. You can cut off this hair later. Well, time and hair extension are all you need for weaving tree braids. Let’s take a closer look at how to do tree braids.

There are two kinds of them. You can make individual braids with hair extension left out so that the tree braids are visible only at the roots. Such invisible tree braids take much longer but give you more opportunities for hairstyles.

The second option is when tree braids are derived from cornrows made all over the head. Hair extension is added gradually when your strands are underneath in cornrows. This way is faster and easier, depending on the thickness and length of your hair. Also, this type of tree braids is best suited for a lovely protective hairstyle.

Of course, beautiful tree braids require certain skills. Therefore, you better get a professional to receive exactly the result you want. Make sure you find an experienced master. Improperly made or too tight tree braids can lead to damage and hair loss.

Also, check out the photos to better understand the tree braids weaving procedure.

Images Of The Best Tree Braids Hairstyles

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Tree braids are a truly universal hairstyle. You can wear them up or down, exercise and even swim with them! This is a great hairstyle idea for girls who lead an active lifestyle.

The most important advantage of protective tree braids is easy maintenance. The complexity of care depends on the type of expansion you used. The main thing is to try to wash your hair no more than 2-3 times a week, not to comb or tease tree braids, and also not to use hair spray. Then the styling will delight you for a long time!

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Inspiring Tree Braiding Pics

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Wanna make your hair look fuller? Tree braiding is just what you need! Tree braids will add a lot of extra volume to your hair especially near roots. Drop the doubts and give a try to amazing tree braids.

We’ve collected the best tree braiding pics, which will inspire you to change something in your appearance. Be ready to get a lot of compliments!

Tree Braids Styles You Will Love

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Tree braids are an easy way to stand out from the crowd. If you’re a bright and creative person, if you like to be the center of attention, you will surely love this hairstyle!

Check out these adorable images with tree braiding ideas, get inspired, and make an appointment to a stylist. Funk up your personal style and stay on highlight all the time!