Senegalese Twist Hairstyles


Wondering about a new fashionable hairstyle that will change your regular everyday look? Well, then how about a lovely Senegalese twist hairdo? This braided twist hairstyle is going to make you feel like a million-dollar baby. Senegalese twist styles are becoming really popular now. A lot of people choose this hairdo because it makes them look edgy, bold and stylish. As well as that a hairstyle like this is perfect for any occasion because it is unique and interesting. Believe us, that with Senegalese twist you will make an unforgettable impression on all of your friends. This hairstyle is something that can complement a soft settled look or the one that screams with high fashion.

Senegalese Twist High Half Bun

senegalese twist

Half-up Half-down Senegalese Twist Style

When it comes to styles for Senegalese twist you will be surprised to discover that there are numerous updos to try on your cute twisted braids. This trendy half-up half-down style is just perfect for women who wear medium size Senegalese twists because it opens a face, looks flawless and makes others envy your perfect sense of style.

senegalese twist styles

Micro Senegalese Braids

You may have noticed that Senegalese twists is quite a versatile hairstyle. You can opt to long Senegalese twists as well as short ones. Yet if you aren’t a fan of big and thick twists, we advise you micro Senegalese braids. They look super charming and weigh less.

micro senegalese braids picture

Big Senegalese Twists – Perfect for Natural Hair

If you are looking for a protective hairstyle which is perfect for natural hair, here it is – huge Senegalese twist braids will help you to avoid the need of constant straightening, heating and styling with chemical ingredients.

senegalese twist hair

Stunning Big Senegalese Twists into Bun Hairstyle

Are you searching for a creative but easy-to-do hairstyle for your Senegalese twists? Well, nothing works better than a good old top bun. It will take you just a few minutes, but look how beautiful this hairstyle is.

senegalese twist hairstyles

Medium Size Senegalese Twist

Sometimes girls seek for more extraordinary ways to style Senegalese twists and forget that more often than not the most beautiful options are the easiest ones. Take a look at how cute these side swept rope braids look!

medium senegalese twist

Color Solution for Huge Senegalese Twists

Do you want to add something cool and fresh to your Senegalese twists hairstyle? Well, how about some lighter hair color hues?

big senegalese twist

French Bun Style on Senegalese Twists

Classic hairstyles are never out of fashion. When it comes to Senegalese twists styling, this rule can be applied as well. Check out how gorgeous the twists look braided in a French bun.

styles for senegalese twist

Burgundy Senegalese Twist

If you feel like natural hair color of your Senegalese braids isn’t your thing, try playing with different bright colors like this burgundy hue.

burgundy senegalese twist

Senegalese Twist Idea for Short Hair

Don’t get upset if you haven’t grown long hair yet. The time will come. Meanwhile, you may find this lovely hairstyle with short Senegalese twists very inspiring. Look how shiny these twisties are!

short senegalese twist

Mesmerizing Aquamarine Blue Senegalese Twists

The gradation from deep blue to aquamarine hair colors is just something that hypnotizes you from the first glance. With this color idea your Senegalese twists will look even more beautiful.

blue senegalese twist

Senegalese Twist Braids Close-up Pic

What can’t be seen from the distance can be easily shown thanks to this close-up photo of neatly done Senegalese twists. Guess, now you have no doubts to do or not to do these braids.

senegalese twist braids

Senegalese Twists on Blonde Hair

Have you ever wondered how rope twists would look on blonde hair? Well, your question has just been answered. They look awesome on any hair type and color.

blonde senegalese twists

Cute Milkmaid Braid on Senegalese Twists Hairstyle

If you think that there are no options of hair styles for your Senegalese braids, you can’t be more wrong. One of the most popular and easiest braiding twist hairstyles is this milkmaid braid on the side.

Milkmaid Braid on Senegalese Twists Hairstyle

Small Senegalese Twists for Natural Hair

small senegalese twists

Large Senegalese Twists Braided into High Bun

large senegalese twist

Jumbo Senegalese Twists Styles

Jumbo Senegalese Twists Styles


Example of How to Braid Senegalese Twist into Bun

senegalese twist bun

Long Senegalese Twists Hairstyles Ideas

You will find a great number of interesting tutorials on how to do long Senegalese twists on the internet. So, we’ll leave it for professionals. However, if you like unusual hairstyles, we are happy to provide you with the wisest set of great hairstyles with Senegalese twists. This hairdo is perfect for those who like to be in trend and stand out. Senegalese twist on long hair looks extremely stylish and polished. Believe us, that with this updo you will be a center of attention for a long time.

Amazing examples are waiting for you in this collection of afro nubian twist braids.

long senegalese twists


Parted Medium Size Senegalese Twists

medium sized senegalese twist

Elegant Senegalese Twists Updo

pretty senegalese twist updo

Senegalese Twists Updo in Color

senegalese twist styles updos

Pretty Long Senegalese Twists Hairdo

pretty long senegalese twists

Great Senegalese Twist Bun

A lot of people hate when hair gets in their way. For those who get annoyed when their hairstyles are messy, and all over the place, there is a great option – Senegalese twist bun. This hairstyle is extremely comfortable, but it still looks really elegant. It is perfect for many different occasions, and it will complement any of your clothes styles.

great senegalese twist bun

Awesome Senegalese Twist With Color

If you like experimenting with your hair, then you should definitely try Senegalese twists with color. It looks super fashionable and fun at the same time. Such hairdos are perfect for those who don’t like boring looks and want something cool but elegant at same time. Scroll down to find out what color ideas suit Senegalese twists hairstyles best:

awesome senegalese twist with color

Double Ponytail on Purple and Pink Colored Senegalese Twists

colored senegalese twists

Senegalese Twist Bun with Burgundy Color Hues

senegalese twist bun with color

Neat Senegalese Twists with Curly Tips

senegalese twist with curly

Colorful Senegalese Twists High Ponytail

senegalese twist ponytail

Purple Micro Senegalese Twists with Half Ponytail

purple senegalese twist

Trendy Crochet Senegalese Twists

сrochet senegalese twists

Long Marsala Senegalese Twists with Shaved Sides

If ordinary rope braids seem boring to you, feel free to experiment with your twists. For instance, you may go a bit wild and opt to Senegalese twists with undercut like this lady did.

senegalese twist with undercut

Burgundy Senegalese Twist Hairstyles for Short Hair

senegalese twist short hairstyles

Cute Senegalese Hairstyles Ideas for Little Girls

Cute Senegalese Hairstyles Ideas for Little Girls

Crochet Senegalese Twist: Crochet Braids

Crochet Senegalese Twist: Crochet Braids

Gray to White Ombre for Senegalese Twists

gray senegalese twists

Charming Ashy Grey Senegalese Twists

blue senegalese twists

Blue to Pink Ombre on Senegalese Braids

senegalese ombre braids


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