Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

Tired of killing your hair with straighteners, curlers and various daily stylings? Think about a new fashionable hairstyle that will change your regular everyday look? Well, then what about a lovely Senegalese twist hairdo?

Braids and twists are a perfect way to bring something new to your look and hairstyle and funk them up. The Senegalese twists, also called rope twists or crochet twists, are one of the most interesting and unusual types of braiding. The best thing about twisted hair is that it is an amazing protective hairstyle that prevents damage to the hair from the environment, rough combing, heat styling, coloring and allows your locks to stay healthy. What is more, your hair grows out faster. This happens because artificial strands or kanekalon are usually woven into Senegalese twists. No wonder so many African women love this hairstyle.

If done correctly, it’ll take you less time to create and remove  these double-strand twists than other types of African braids. Senegalese Twists can be worn for up to 2 months, which makes them a very convenient hairstyle option for every day. Senegalese twists themselves look very eye-catching. But don’t think that they can be worn in the same style. There are so many ways to diversify a hairstyle with twists from varied updos to interesting details, such as bright coloring or shaved sides, if you prefer something more extravagant. Check out the best ideas of Senegalese twists hairstyles and get inspired!

The best large Senegalese braids

The best large Senegalese braids 1

The best large Senegalese braids 2

The best large Senegalese braids 3

The best large Senegalese braids 4

The best large Senegalese braids 5

Large Senegalese braids look gorgeous! It’s a perfect way to be in highlights in any situation. But how to make such weaving?

The Senegalese twists can be made from natural hair (especially when it comes to kinky hair that is easy to twist) but most often girls use hair extensions – marley, kanekalon, toyokalon. Some extensions can smell because of the material. Check the real customers’ reviews before buying. Have you ordered the braids and not satisfied with the smell? Some white vinegar will help. A refund will help even better. 6-10 packs would be enough, the more the better for big Jumbo braids (the more you use, the more volume and texture you add). However, it depends on your face shape, too – if you have a small face, more than 8 packs will be too much. Too many extensions can make your hair look heavy and we bet it’s not what you are looking for. Some extensions can be reused multiple times, and this feature makes Senegalese braids a very cost-effective purchase. But be careful here – we recommend to talk to your hairdresser or stylist before reusing the braids.

Unfortunately, even the best products are not perfect. Check the braids for loose hair before installing them – if there are any, just clean the ends with scissors, it’s simple as that.

Be ready to spend a few hours! Unless you are not a professional braider, it will most likely take something like 2-4 hours to put in the braids. You can always visit your local hair salon, of course, but if you wanna save money then DIY. You’ll do it! P. S. Prelooped hair will reduce the time you’ll need to an hour or even less.

Amazing examples are waiting for you in this collection of afro nubian twist braids.

Awesome ideas of short Senegalese twist hairstyles

Awesome ideas of short Senegalese twist hairstyles 1

Awesome ideas of short Senegalese twist hairstyles 2

Awesome ideas of short Senegalese twist hairstyles 3

Awesome ideas of short Senegalese twist hairstyles 4

Senegalese braids don’t have to be long! If you don’t like the idea of twists below your shoulders, try short ones! Short Senegalese twists are an excellent choice if you are new to braiding and want to understand whether this style will suit you or not.

If you want to follow all the fashion trends, try a bob cut with Senegalese twists. Blunt cut will make your hairstyle very elegant and stylish. A bob cut braided in such a way will also help to draw attention to your beautiful facial features.

Ordinary rope braids seem boring to you? Feel free to experiment with your twists. For instance, you may go a bit wild and opt to Senegalese twists with undercut.

Check out more ideas of fabulous short hairstyles with Senegalese twists from our photo collection!

How to do Senegalese twists

How to do Senegalese twists 1

How to do Senegalese twists 2

How to do Senegalese twists 3

How to do Senegalese twists 4

Well, you made sure that the Senegalese twists look cool. All right, here comes the question of how to do Senegalese twists. They aren’t difficult to make if you know what to do and have some experience in braids. You will need several things: artificial strands, of course, depending on the thickness and length of your hair; edges control cream and oil to keep hair smooth, clips and hair bands.

Wash your hair extensions thoroughly before attaching. If your artificial strands have blunt edges, feather them. A blunt cut of edges will give you an unnatural look. Your own hair must also be clean, of course. Take the part of the hair that you will braid and tie the rest of the strands. Take the center of the entire expansion and place it near the skin. Connect one synthetic curl with one natural and twist them together.

Continue twisting until the very end, until the braid narrows. If at the end your twist falls apart, then you’ve done something wrong and you need to start over. Do the same for all the other strands of hair. To seal the hair tips you can dip them in hot water or use special glue.

Basically, that’s all. Don’t worry if you do not get to twist the hair on the first try. You may need to practice a couple of times. Or you can contact a professional hairdresser to be sure of the result!

The coolest Senegalese twist styles

The coolest Senegalese twist styles 1

The coolest Senegalese twist styles 2

The coolest Senegalese twist styles 3

The coolest Senegalese twist styles 4

Want to try on the image of a cool girl? Pay your attention to the Senegalese twist styles! There’re a lot of Senegal braids hairstyles for all tastes.

For example, if you’re looking for something more romantic and elegant, check out the curly Senegalese twists. This is a very unusual type of hairstyle and you certainly won’t be left without attention.

Want a more convenient option? Cornrows in the style of Senegalese twists are just for you! This hairstyle will last even more than the usual twists. You can forget about daily styling for a long time!

Like box braids? Combine them with Senegalese braids!

Take a look at the photos with cute Senegalese twist styles and choose what you like more.

Medium Senegalese twist styles

Medium Senegalese twist styles 1

Medium Senegalese twist styles 2

Medium Senegalese twist styles 3

Medium Senegalese twist styles 4

Make your hairstyle not only trending but also comfortable. Create your own unique style – try to make Senegalese braids. You’ll forget about early awakenings to have time to wash and style hair.

Senegalese twists of medium size are the most versatile. They are perfect for any type of face, while large or small twists can emphasize sharp facial features. Moreover, they are quite easy to achieve – you don’t need to worry if you took too much or too little hair. Looking for the best medium-sized Senegalese twists styles? Check out the pictures!

Long Senegalese twists pictures

Long Senegalese twists pictures 1

Long Senegalese twists pictures 2

Long Senegalese twists pictures 3

Long Senegalese twists pictures 4

Do you like your thick and long hair, but tired of the fact that it is constantly tangled? Sick of constantly combing or tying it in a bun? The solution is simple – Senegalese twists. Wear them simple and wear them long! These braids will help protect your hair and keep it healthy.

Everyone will agree that long Senegalese twists look amazing! Twist your hair and surprise your friends and colleagues with the beauty and length of your hair and an unusual hairstyle. Meet some nice pictures with long Senegalese twists that will definitely inspire you.

Crochet Senegalese twist hairstyles

Crochet Senegalese twist hairstyles 1

Crochet Senegalese twist hairstyles 2

Crochet Senegalese twist hairstyles 3

Crochet Senegalese twist hairstyles 4

If you still can’t grow long hair, crochet Senegalese twists will come to the help. With the help of hair extensions, you can make any braids you want – making them thick and long will not be a problem anymore.

Crochet Senegalese twists are gaining popularity among African-American women. Don’t miss the chance to catch the hot trend, try something new for your hair and refresh the whole image!

Updo hairstyles for Senegalese twists

Updo hairstyles for Senegalese twists 1

Updo hairstyles for Senegalese twists 2

Updo hairstyles for Senegalese twists 3

Updo hairstyles for Senegalese twists 4

Are you waiting for some important event and want to look elegant? Well, loose Senegalese twists don’t really fit into a strict image. Therefore, we offer you to take a look at the beautiful updo hairstyles that can be created on the basis of Senegalese braids. You don’t have to part with twists, you can beautifully fit them into your formal image and get a hairstyle that will be appropriate at any formal event! Check out the photos and see for yourself.

Color Senegalese twists

Color Senegalese twists 1

Color Senegalese twists 2

Color Senegalese twists 3

Color Senegalese twists 4

What could be more cool and stylish than the Senegalese twists? Colored Senegalese twists! Colored hair is a trend that you no longer need to avoid – even celebrities wear colored strands on the red carpet. Multi-colored braided hair is a great way to stand out from the crowd, why not try it?

Color Senegalese twists are a great opportunity to experiment with your hair color without harmful decoloration and pigmentation. Always wanted to be blonde? Or maybe you want something really bright? Purple, blue, green, burgundy – choose any color you want with crochet Senegalese twists!

Cool ways to style Senegalese twists

Cool ways to style Senegalese twists 1

Cool ways to style Senegalese twists 2

Cool ways to style Senegalese twists 3

Cool ways to style Senegalese twists 4

Senegalese twists don’t mean that you have to wear your hair always loose. There are so many ways to style them! Going shopping? A twisted top knot will be a perfect choice! Are you planning a date? Pick up a half up half down hairstyle with cool Senegalese twists. Want to meet friends? An adorable braided ponytail is a great option.

Take a look at the pictures and get more ideas of how to style your Senegalese twists in order to look amazing anywhen!

Small Senegalese twist braids

Small Senegalese twist braids 1

Small Senegalese twist braids 2

Small Senegalese twist braids 3

Small Senegalese twist braids 4

Hair is one of your most valuable treasures. We, girls, strongly believe in it. We are trying very hard to protect our hair – wash it, protect it from the sun, apply a bunch of care products. Have you ever thought about a hairstyle that will look great and will not require daily styling that damages our hair? If yes, then Senegalese twist braids fit the bill!  Such weaving is suitable even for thin and weak hair. Just install small twists that won’t ballast your hair.

Senegalese twist braids are a great choice for girls, who want to emphasize their individual style and constantly be in highlights!