Purple Hair

The modern world is mad with self-expression. To be honest, sometimes people transgress the bounds of decency with their looks full of weird or even scary details. However, we hope that you, our dear reader, have pretty distinctive personal boundaries and do not want to bother the others with your appearance. Yet, you are certainly bold and daring enough, if decided to get dark or light purple hair, as it will attract a lot of attention even from the side of passers-by. If you need some inspiration or become finally reinforced in the decision to change the hair color, check out this wonderful collection of photos, sparkling with the purple highlights!

Bright Purple Hair for Afro-Americans

Purple hair and dark skin tone perfectly match each other. Just look at these pics with the African-American girls! These ladies definitely know, how to profile themselves!

Purple Hair

Best Purple Hair

Amazing Light Purple Hair for Long Hairstyles

Light hair color is dangerous: you should better to ask a professional hair stylist to help you gain the needed hue for not to look old and silver.

Light Purple Hair
Cool Light Purple Hair

Fabulous Purple Highlights for Straight Hair

Wow, we are impressed with this dazzling purple beauty! These colors must look stunning in the sunlight!

Purple Highlights
Awesome Purple Highlights

Eye-Popping Purple and Blue Hair

The combination of colors is the best way to kill the two birds with one stone and do not choose between two hues. Purple and blue hair look impressive!

Purple and Blue Hair
Best Purple and Blue Hair

Chic Blue Hair Color Ideas

The blue color can be presented in plenty variations, from light blue to bold indigo. Check the blue hair ideas we have found for you!

Blue Hair Color Ideas
Cool Blue Hair Color Ideas

Blonde and Purple Hair for Short and Mid Cuts

What a perfect contrast! Blonde and purple hair is the perfect choice for those girls, who want add some electric vibe to their usual fair look.

Blonde and Purple Hair
Awesome Blonde and Purple Hair

Black and Purple Hair for Ladies

Black and purple hair is the less contrastive variant. It is a bit more workable, but still bold and eye-catching.

Black and Purple Hair
Cute Black and Purple Hair

Glamourous Black Blue and Purple Hair

This is one of the most elegant variants of the black blue and purple mix. Just look, how the hair color makes the appearance chic!

Black Blue and Purple Hair
Best Black Blue and Purple Hair

Feminine Brown and Purple Hair

To make brown hair look harmonious with purple, make the gradient, dying only the tips of your hair in warm lavender hue.

Brown and Purple Hair
Awesome Brown and Purple Hair

Radiant Purple Brown Hair Highlights

Wanna try the purple highlight trend, but doubt that it will look washy on your brown hair? Check these pics to make sure that such a combo is the true effulgent beauty!

Purple Brown Hair
Cool Purple Brown Hair

Nice and Neat Purple Red Hair

This is the best gradient ever! We see the dawn colors in these purple and red locks. No matter what cut you have – these hues will make your hairstyle flawless.

Purple Red Hair
Nice Purple Red Hair

Purple and Red Hair for Youth

Are you a person who cannot stand the simplicity? The purple and red hairstyle is the right option for you!

Purple and Red Hair
Best Purple and Red Hair

Sparkling Pink and Purple Hair

Perfect! The pink and purple hair ombre looks far from natural, but because of it this hairstyle totally slays!

Pink and Purple Hair
Cool Pink and Purple Hair

Blue and Pink Hair in Curls

Do not be shy to add more colors to your everyday look. Let these photos with blue and pink curls inspire you!

Blue and Pink Hair
Best Blue and Pink Hair

Glorious Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair

If you were born with the dark hair and are afraid to dye them with purple – get some stimulus and look, how great these black locks look with the lilac hue!

Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair

Splendid Dark Brown Violet Hair

Magenta matches every natural hair color. We are knocked out by this photo introducing dark brown hair with violet locks!

Dark Brown Violet Hair