Purple Hair

The modern world is mad with self-expression. To be honest, sometimes people transgress the bounds of decency with their looks full of weird or even scary details. However, we hope that you, our dear reader, have pretty distinctive personal boundaries and do not want to bother the others with your appearance. Yet, you are certainly bold and daring enough, if decided to get either dark or light purple hair, as it will attract a lot of attention even from the side of passers-by. If you need some inspiration or become finally reinforced in the decision to change the hair color, check out this wonderful collection of photos, sparkling with different purple hair colors!

Do not be shy to add more colors to your everyday look. Let these photos presenting purple colored hair ideas inspire you!

The Best Long Purple Hair Ideas

The Best Long Purple Hair Ideas 1
The Best Long Purple Hair Ideas 2
The Best Long Purple Hair Ideas 3
The Best Long Purple Hair Ideas 4

Whatever color you choose for having your hair dyed, it will always look better on long hair. This is an unspoken rule. Thanks to the length it will be easier to show all the possible hues and tones of a specific color. Well, purple hair color is no exception. Take a look at the pictures and make sure we’re telling the truth. The way purple shines and gleams on long hair is a true miracle. Once you get your hair dyed in purple, you’ll look like a princess from the Disney cartoon or a bright girl from anime cartoons. Besides, purple hair and dark skin tones perfectly match each other. Just look at these pics with the African-American girls! These ladies definitely know, how to profile themselves!

Interesting Medium Purple Hair Styles

Interesting Medium Purple Hair Styles 1
Interesting Medium Purple Hair Styles 2
Interesting Medium Purple Hair Styles 3
Interesting Medium Purple Hair Styles 4

Are you a person who cannot stand the simplicity? Okay, we know that we have just told about all the advantages of coloring long hair purple. But it doesn’t mean that if you have medium-length hair, you can forget about these dream-like purplish hues. The shades of this color depend on your basic hair color. Like, if you have dark hair, purple will be more vibrant and deep. If you have brown or light brown hair, you will get less intense purple tones, but your hair will look a lot softer than if you were a brunette. But one thing is sure, whichever purple color you choose, you will look fantastic! The purple hairstyle is the right option for you!

Cool Short Purple Hair Styles

Cool Short Purple Hair Styles 1
Cool Short Purple Hair Styles 2
Cool Short Purple Hair Styles 3
Cool Short Purple Hair Styles 4

And finally short purple hair. We couldn’t pass by this trend that has gone viral lately. Don’t you believe us? Check out the Instagram beauty pics and see for yourself. Apart from the unusual short haircuts, we can see unusual purple colors which girls choose to highlight their hairstyle even more. And we definitely like the way these ladies step outside of the box. Curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair – whatever the texture of your hair is, purple will only add up to its beauty.

Vivid Purple Hair Colors

Vivid Purple Hair Colors 1
Vivid Purple Hair Colors 2
Vivid Purple Hair Colors 3
Vivid Purple Hair Colors 4

You have never had your hair dyed in an unusual color? Well, we know it might be scary, but once you try it, you are hooked. And the best thing is, thanks to a great variety of different semi-permanent hair dyes and shampoos, you can try whatever color you want and see if it suits you the way you want it to. This approach helps you make a decision whether or not you should go for permanent coloring. But we are more than sure that these lovely girls with purple hair will give you enough purple hair inspiration. A piece of advice from us here, to make brown hair look harmonious with purple, make the gradient, dying only the tips of your hair in warm lavender hue.

Violet Purple Hair Color Ideas

Violet Purple Hair Color Ideas 1
Violet Purple Hair Color Ideas 2
Violet Purple Hair Color Ideas 3
Violet Purple Hair Color Ideas 4

The combination of colors is the best way to kill the two birds with one stone and do not choose between the possible hues and tints. Look at these purple-blue and purple-plum hair colors. And how about violet-purple? Looks impressive! Wow, we are fascinated by this dazzling purple beauty! These colors must look stunning in the sunlight!

Amazing Shades Of Purple Hair To Try

Amazing Shades Of Purple Hair To Try 1

Amazing Shades Of Purple Hair To Try 2
Amazing Shades Of Purple Hair To Try 3

Dyeing hair purple isn’t an easy process. You need to find an experienced colorist, that’s the first thing to do. Moreover, you have to be ready that the coloring itself will take you a lot of time since your hair is bleached first and only then colored. But once you see the result in the mirror, you will understand that everything was definitely worth it. And be honest with us. Aren’t all these shades of purple hair with metallic shine amazing?

Vibrant Purple Color Hairstyles

Vibrant Purple Color Hairstyles 1
Vibrant Purple Color Hairstyles 2
Vibrant Purple Color Hairstyles 3
Vibrant Purple Color Hairstyles 4

Another big plus about purple hair is that pretty much everything matches with purple – different clothing styles and other colors go well with purple and all its hues. Black and purple hair is the less contrastive variant. It is a bit more workable, but still bold and eye-catching. Purple-haired girls look like fairies, don’t they?

Cool Ideas Of Purple Coloured Hair

Cool Ideas Of Purple Coloured Hair 1
Cool Ideas Of Purple Coloured Hair 2
Cool Ideas Of Purple Coloured Hair 3
Cool Ideas Of Purple Coloured Hair 4

As with any other color, you don’t have to color all your hair purple. There are a lot of other coloring options from purple ombre and purple balayage to barely visible purple highlights and lowlights. The choice is yours. But what we can tell for sure is that all the possible purple hairstyles look really pretty. Like, you may opt for a more lilac shade of purple and leave your dark roots untouched. How about a combination of cool purple with blonde color? Such a hairstyle will perfectly suit girls with fair skin tone. We have got lots of images showing all the possible purple hair ideas.

Pictures Of Purple Hair With Bangs

Even though it might seem that hairstyles with bangs are losing their popularity, that is so not true. Especially when it comes to purple hairstyles with bangs. Not convinced yet? Take a look at the celebrities with purple hair. What other things proving that purple is super trendy do you need? Ultra purple hair color is something that both enchants and impresses!

The final thoughts:

Like any other bright color, purple hair color tends to fade with time. So, we recommend you to use special hair care products (shampoos and conditioners that have pigments and keep the color of your hair fresh as if you have just dyed your hair purple). After all, who wants their awesome hair color to fade after just a few weeks after having hair dyed?
Overall, we hope that you have found enough inspiration to give purple hair a shot. Be bold and bright!