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When it comes to hairstyles one thing is sure – almost all of them have the tendency to make a comeback. And guess which hairstyle is back again? We’ll give you a clue. It’s something super sexy and super curly. Of course, we’re talking about the perm hairstyles. While the history of the perms counts more than a hundred years, the perm styles that first spring to your mind were most popular in the 1980s. There were also a bit different types of perms worn by the flappers in the 1920’s, but it’s the whole different story and we’ll get to it someday. So, when everything seems to be dull and flat, maybe it’s time to go for something cool and curly. Perm hair can be the way out.

What Is A Perm?

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As some might have guessed from the name, a perm is a shortened form of the word “permanent”. It’s not that difficult to get the meaning. A perm is basically a wavy or curly hairstyle which you can wear for a long time because it’s made with the help of the thermal or chemical means. And if you wonder whether or not people still get perms, yes they do. Look at celebrities like Zendaya and Emma Stone. Perms are here, they are trendy and they aren’t going to go anywhere in the near future. Permanent waving and curling is a great way to try something new and change your look completely. But in case you are afraid, take a look at what a perm looks like and get inspired.

Beautiful Curly Hair Perms

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Okay, even if you have naturally curly hair, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a curly perm. The types of curls are various and so you can easily turn your tight curls into softer and looser ones and vice versa. Do you already love perm hair as much as we do? In case, you don’t know it yet, we have updated our big collection of different types of perms which will help you to fall in love with this cool hairstyle and create a new style. Such curly hair looks very feminine and matches with all kinds of clothes and jewelry. That’s pretty much everything you want from a hairstyle, right?

Awesome Hairstyles For Permed Hair

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So, let’s assume that you already have permed hair, you probably wonder what hairstyles you can make with such hair. It would be a crime not to show the whole beauty of your tight curls but to wear a bun (which, of course, you can do if you want to). But more often than not women get permanent curly hair to wear it loose and make everyone they meet turn heads. Do you know that there are many different perm types? You can experiment with your hair as much as you want. Look at these models and choose a hairstyle for yourself. If you love volume, the perm hair is what you need.

Modern Perm Hair With Bangs

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Bangs or no bangs? This is an eternal question that every lady asks herself at least once in a lifetime. Not only do bangs look different depending on the face shape, but also depending on the hair texture. Like, straight hair makes the result more predictable. Whereas girls with curly hair or permed hair can’t say for sure what their bangs will look like once they are cut. But this shouldn’t stop you from trying, though. With the right approach, perm hair with bangs looks awesome. If you want to do something creative with your hair, you should think about the spiral perm hairstyles. This is something new in hair fashion and you should definitely try it. Your hair will be always well-cared and you will look very feminine.

Permed Hair: Before And After Pics

Permed Hair: Before And After Pics 1
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We’re moving to another two frequently asked questions. So, the first one is, “Does perming damage your hair?”. Well, it did back in the day, but since hair styling techniques are advancing each year, there’s no need to worry about harsh chemicals that can damage hair. You can get that awesome permed hair look from the ’80s and still have shiny healthy hair. This leads us to the second question, “Should I get a perm?” And you know what, the choice is yours, really. But why not? Discover a lot of interesting permed hairstyles. If you look at these models, you will be impressed with how stylish they are. If you want to look the same, just use these patterns of hairstyles. Perm is the best solution for thin hair without any volume. You can check out the before and after pics to have a better understanding of what we’re talking about.

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Loose Perm Hair Styles For Thin Hair

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To get permanent waves is a dream of many girls and for a reason. Wavy hair looks romantic, sexy, festive and voluminous. Perming hair might be an option, don’t you think so? And it’s not that you will have to be a curly-haired lady for the rest of your life. When it comes to hairstyles the word “permanent” can’t be applied fully. Hair grows out and so the hairstyle changes, too. Hence, perms last for several months depending on how quickly your natural hair tends to grow. The good thing about perms is that women whose hair lacks volume can benefit by trying perm styles. Such curly hair looks very attractive and feminine. You can play with your makeup, clothes and the color of your curls. It is time to shine brightly!

Soft Wavy Hair Perm

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Soft Wavy Hair Perm 2
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Even though we like perm hair a lot, some things like Aqua Net hair should better stay in the past and never ever come back again. What we mean is time doesn’t stand still, people and tastes change and the fashion of the past needs an upgrade to fit into modern life. So perm hair of today isn’t the same as guys from Guns N’ Roses wore. The permed hairstyles are now softer and more wavy-like. What can be sexier than an attractive woman with the lovely wavy perm hairstyle? This hair design is the best option for women who love voluminous hair and are not afraid to make experiments with their style. And a tip for you: perm hairstyles look awesome with big earrings and bright makeup.

Ideas For Perms For Long Hair

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Do you still have doubts whether or not you should go for perming your hair? In case you have long hair, don’t forget that it gives a lot of space for imagination and creativity. You can do almost everything you want with your look. Discover these types of perms for long hair which we have in our collection.
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Pictures Of The Best Perm Hairstyles

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Do you want to stand out from the crowd? How about these hair perm styles which will definitely impress all your friends? Such hairstyles can be combined with bright makeup and stylish outfit. And the best thing is, perm hair is great for both casual and special occasions.

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How To Perm Hair: What You Need To Know When Getting A Perm

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Okay, to start with, you have to give perming hair a lot of thought before actually going for it. These days, stylists use chemicals that are a lot gentler than thioglycolic acid which was widely used before. Some prefer not to use heat, opting for a cold wave. These approaches allow you to have a perm of your dream without the worry about damaged hair. Well, it doesn’t mean that hair won’t be damaged at all, but definitely not in the “jeez-what-have-I-done-with-my-hair” way. And just so you know, it is not recommended to do a perm on bleached and colored hair. So, going back to the perming process. The whole thing will take you about three hours or less. First, a stylist sets your wet hair in rollers controlling the directions so the whole hairstyle would look natural. For this purpose, they use rods of different sizes. Then a perm solution is applied, followed by the neutralizer. The whole process finishes with a rinse. In the end, you get the curls of your dream. Sounds like something easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, right? Actually, no. You have to be ready to face the fact that curly hair is hard work. Getting a perm won’t set you free from styling your hair on a regular basis, but there are quite a few styling options, which means you can experiment a lot.

Big Curl Perm Haircut

Would you like to have blonde permed hair? Maybe some soft beach waves? Or big curls? You can get whatever perm you like. The choice is yours. And we’ve got a lot of cool pictures here to inspire you.

Perms For Short To Medium Length Hair

While the textured spiral perm is definitely one of the most popular options, it doesn’t mean that it is the only hairstyle out there. As well as that, if your hair is medium length or even short, you can get a perm too. Just take a look at the pics and see for yourself. Perms look awesome on any hair length, that’s a fact.