Braids for Kids

All women want to look their best. And little girls are women too and they also want to look beautiful. That is why a beautiful hairstyle is equally important for both children and adults. Braided hair is the most popular hairstyle for girls, as it is comfortable and beautiful and therefore there are so many different variations of this hairstyle.

Little girls often have short or not very thick hair, so it doesn’t allow to make some complex weaving, but, in fact, most of the child braid styles can be created even on short and fine hair. As for little black girls, their hair is great for the braided updo, because their hair is naturally thick, hard and easy to weave.

Braiding hairstyles for black kids provide a huge field for fantasy – you can use colored beads, bows, headbands and beautiful hairpins. You can make various hairstyles even for short hair. Braids for kids are ideal for kindergarten, school and active games.

We offer you wonderful examples of braided styles for black kids that your daughter will definitely like. Look at these little girl braids and pick up the one which will make your child look really stylish and fashionable.

Natural braided hairstyles for black girls with long hair

Long hair is a real gift for moms and daughters since any kinds of hairstyles and complex weaves are available for them. Natural long hair is beautiful and stylish. Most little girls have the length of hair up to the shoulders or longer, so you can make different twisted hairstyles.

Kids hairstyles with braids for black girls should be practical in a first place: hair shouldn’t get into the eyes of the baby girl who draws or writes.

But before you start experimenting with hair, remember a few important rules:

  1. Start braiding slightly damp hair, as it will be easier to weave and the hairstyle will be neat.
  2. Kids braids with weave should be quite tight, but do not over-pull your daughter’s hair otherwise the child will not be comfortable.
  3. If the child is fidget, then don’t choose very difficult weaving, as your kid may not sit for a long time and the hairstyle will not work. In general, it’s all.

Lil black girls braids hairstyles are very diverse, every day you can create a masterpiece of hair, you just need a little skill and imagination. Check out an interesting selection of original hairstyles that can be created with the help of braids.

Kids braids – braided ponytail

Braids for girls – adorable natural pigtails

Girls braided hairstyles – spiral fishtail bun

Natural braided hairstyles for black girls with long hair 1

Natural braided hairstyle

Natural braided hairstyles for black girls with long hair 2

Braided hairstyles for black girls

Natural braided hairstyles for black girls with long hair 3

Nice braiding hairstyles for African American girls

Almost every mother can make ordinary pigtails, but braids for black girls are a lot more difficult task. To make a hairstyle look amazing, braiding should be smooth and neatly set on the head. Most likely you won’t be able to do it perfectly the first time, but do not worry! You just need to practice and over time you will be able to cope even with such complex options for African American girls as a cornrow ponytail, ghana braids, a circular mohawk and so on.

Dividing the hair into even rows, you can start weaving. Someone starts from the top of the head, while others are more comfortable to start with the temples – there are no specific recommendations here. However, in any case, you’d better fasten free length with a large hairpin, so that it does not interfere. For the future braid, it is necessary to separate the thin strand at the roots, comb it and divide it into parts. Then perform one or two cycles of the usual French braid and continue to move towards the end, at each step picking up free thin strands. When the hairline is completed, the free end is made like an ordinary braid. Each braid is woven to the end, without intermediate stages. It can be fixed with rubber bands, leaving a small loose curl – it all depends on the desired result.

Circular mohawk braids for toddlers

Nice braiding hairstyles for African American girls 1

Braid style ideas for kids

Nice braiding hairstyles for African American girls 2

Easy braided hairstyles for black girls

Nice braiding hairstyles for African American girls 3

African American toddler braids with beads

Braids for kids are a variable hairstyle. Using several methods of weaving at once, it is possible to create an interesting image that draws attention to a little fashionista. Keep in mind that a hairdo for a black toddler will differ from the braided hairstyles for 10 year olds. As a rule, toddlers have short hair and, unlike adults, children’s hair is more fragile and thinner, their bulbs are not very strong yet. What is more, they are very mobile and active, so the hairstyle should be tight so that the curls do not become loose during the games. And finally, it’s hard for kids to sit still for a long time while a mom creates her updo.

Try to interest your child with a nice hairstyle and even engage her in the process of its creation! For example, you can use bows, hair ties, beautiful hairpins or colorful beads. Black kids braids with beads look very original and fun and therefore are perfect for little girls. See for yourself!

Little girl braid curvy cornrows with beaded ends

African American toddler braids with beads 1

Braid styles for little girls

African American toddler braids with beads 2

Children hairstyles – angled cornrow braid

African American toddler braids with beads 3

Little kids braids ideas – colorful braided pigtails

African American toddler braids with beads 4

Cute little black girl hairstyles with 2 braids

There is nothing more charming than a charming little girl with a neat hairstyle. This is not only very beautiful but also a huge scope for creativity!

In addition, by making neat hairstyles often you can teach the child to look after herself since childhood and explain the importance of a neat appearance for a young lady. This does not mean that children have any special curls and require a diametrically opposite approach, but it is worth remembering that little girls are fragile in all respects.

If you don’t have time to make complex little black girl’s hairstyles for hours, try hairstyles with two braids! The usual Dutch braid is usually taken as the basis for such a hairdo. It is a perfect option for beginner hairdressers!

Take a look at these braids for little black girls and imagine how lovely your child would look and feel with them. Make your daughter feel special and beautiful with a pretty hairstyle.

Cute little black girl hairstyles with 2 braids 1
Cute little black girl hairstyles with 2 braids 2
Cute little black girl hairstyles with 2 braids 3

Quick braided hairstyles for black kids for school

Once proper skills have been learned, African American children hairstyles with braids are made quickly and significantly save time which is spent on getting ready for kindergarten or school. A small child cannot sit still, twirls her head a lot, which means it is not easy to make, for example, a festive hairstyle. Therefore, the ability to create quick hairstyles, like, kid’s braided ponytail or an adorable ban, will help in any situation.

Avoid complex weaving in the morning. This can ruin the day for a long time not only for your child but also for you. You do not need to spend a whole hour on making an updo to school and create a complex composition. There are lots of simple but quite spectacular options that can be realized in 10 minutes! Check out our cool ideas of quick braided hairstyles.

Quick braided hairstyles for black kids for school 1
Quick braided hairstyles for black kids for school 2
Quick braided hairstyles for black kids for school 3

Easy short children’s braids black hairstyles

Short hair is always more difficult in styling because long strands are easier to comb and gather in the ponytail or a braid rather than fix unruly short curls sticking out in all directions. Young girls have thin and sparse hair, so it is often cut short. This is no reason to abandon the braids! There are many kid hairstyles with braids for black girls that can be made on even the shortest hair.

Comfort and ease are the main things here. There’s no need to bring your desire to create a masterpiece to the situation: “I am not from China, just braids are tightly woven.” The hairdo should not cause any inconvenience.

Remember also that for children’s hair hair-styling mousse is highly undesirable! If you want the braids to last as long as possible, then just sprinkle them with water from a spray bottle.

Meet a collection of easy black hairstyles for girls with short hair.

Easy short childrens braids black hairstyles 4

Simple young black girl hairstyles with cornrows

The art of being beautiful is in the hands of every woman, but when it comes to a child who cannot make adorable hairstyles on her own, you’d better get photos and videos with ideas and patterns for amazing updos. There are several factors to consider here – how old a girl is, how long her hair is and how complicated a haircut is.

No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to learn something new. We highly recommend you to try cornrows for kids! Black girls hair is perfect for this hairstyle.

At first glance, the cornrows seem to be something impossible and unrealistic for beginners. But, as they say in the famous proverb – all things are difficult before they are easy. If you don’t succeed the third time, then you surely will succeed for the tenth time!

Cornrows are the best option for kid’s hairstyle because they are extremely comfortable to wear. Moreover, they will be a lovely addition to her look. Believe us, even though she is a little kid she wants to look pretty. We have wonderful examples of simple hairstyles with cornrows for girls that your daughter will definitely like.

Simple young black girl hairstyles with cornrows 1
Simple young black girl hairstyles with cornrows 2
Simple young black girl hairstyles with cornrows 3

Ideas of box braids for kids to try

The main advantage of the box braids is that they closely adhere to the head and do not interfere at all. Therefore, this hairstyle is a great idea for kids leading an active lifestyle, involved in sports or dancing. Also, the braids are perfect for hot weather!

Box braids for kids are washed well with ordinary shampoo and are easy to dry – that is, this hairstyle will not cause you inconvenience. The child doesn’t even need to comb her hair every day!

Box braids are a finished hairstyle that is difficult to modify. Long braided “laces” can only be gathered into a ponytail, one large braid or a bun at the top of the head. But for those who don’t like to spend a lot of time on hair styling it will be an advantage.

To make such a hairstyle, comb the hair and, starting from the top, divide them into parts in accordance with the chosen scheme. Usually, it takes 16-20 pieces, but it all depends on the density of the hair and the pattern. Each strand should be grabbed with small hair pins, fixed on the head, and the length is still free. This will be a “design” for future braids. Then you can begin to weave on the way that we have already described in this article.

Every little girl looks at her mother and wants to be as beautiful as her mom is. That is why pretty hairstyles for kids are so important. Braids for black girls are extremely cute hairstyle. Make your child feel like a little princess with these hairstyles.

Ideas of box braids for kids to try 1
Ideas of box braids for kids to try 2
Ideas of box braids for kids to try 3
Ideas of box braids for kids to try 4