Pink Hairstyles for Your Gorgeous Hair

Stylish and active women choose crazy colors for their hair this season! The pink hairstyles are extremely popular in the modern world and there is a significant number of followers of such a girly style.

You can see many women and young girls on Instagram posting their crazy pink hair, which is a proof of this hair color fame. Don’t be afraid to blend in, there are a lot of girls dreaming about this hairstyle, but these girls cannot allow this because of a fear to look like a candy or a doll. Only really bold and brave ladies can step forward to the modern trends and feel comfortable with such an unusual hair color. If you are here, we can suppose that you belong to the group of such ladies and have already decided to change the hues of your life to the brighter ones.

Pink is one of the most suitable hair colors for girls, as this is the symbol of feminineness and highlights this very feature pretty well. To dye hair an unnatural color is an act that demands self-confidence and the understanding that there will be a lot of attention to your person. If you are ready to such result and, moreover, if you want it, pink hairstyle is the right choice for you!

Below, you will find an amazing collection of models demonstrating the brightest and the cutest variations of pink hair coloring. Such style changes will make you look more creative, playful, and chic.

Pink Hairstyles

Pink Hairstyles

Cute Pale Pink Hairstyles

Just look at these super cute and beautiful models with pale pink hair! The pink hairstyles are definitely for the girls who are not afraid to show their gentle character and do actually want to show their gentle soul to the others. Moreover, almost all the pale hairstyles of any color can make a girl look like a delicate flower, so if your appearance is slightly masculine or you have rugged features – pale pastel pink is created for you!

Cute Pale Pink Hairstyles 1

Cute Pale Pink Hairstyles 2

Cute Pale Pink Hairstyles 3

Cute Pale Pink Hairstyles 4

Light Pink Hairstyles for Long Hair

These models look like real mermaids, who came up from the underwater world that is full of such the beautiful ladies with long hair! Their gentle young faces look perfect and attractive. We cannot actually get our eyes off their fascinating appearance, which is fantastically highlighted with the light pink hair color. If you are here to finally decide to make changes in your style and add some pink  – this variant should be suitable for you. It is time to go crazy and finally try this juicy pink color!

Light Pink Hairstyles for Long Hair 1

Light Pink Hairstyles for Long Hair 2

Light Pink Hairstyles for Long Hair 3

Dark Pink Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Just look at these fabulous models! You can’t miss the latest trend which they represent – dark pink hair. We understand that some women consider this color to be too extreme cause it draws extra attention, but if you look at these ladies, you will see that their crazy pink hairstyle is actually a fantastic addition to their outlooks. We are sure that you will get a strong desire to do the same experiment with your hair after discovering our image gallery.

By the way, the short hairstyles look cool if dyed pink; for example, pink pixie cut will make you a tiny cute fairy!

Dark Pink Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair 1

Dark Pink Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair 2

Dark Pink Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair 3

Black and Pink Hair Designs to Try

Usually, pink is associated with young girls who are the symbols of purity and innocence, and this is actually true. If you do not want to look too girlish, you should consider such variation of pink hairstyle as pink and black locks. We are sure that the combination of dark hair with pink highlights looks very interesting and advise you to check the variants of this hair combination below!

Black And Pink Hair
Black And Pink Hair

Black and Pink Hair Designs to Try 2

Black and Pink Hair Designs to Try 3

Pink Ombre Hair Style

Would you mind adding a bit of romantic touch to your look? A pink hairstyle would help you to do this! These images with ideal pink ombre hair will definitely inspire you to try this quite popular hairstyle, which sets the trends this year. Long or medium hair with pastel pink ombre is the style detail you just have to try, as this will change the whole your life! You will be surprised how significant a hair color is, if talking about the sense of self.  You can change your mood by changing your appearance, so if you need some femininity, smiles, and positive attitude to yourself in your life – consider adding some pink to your day-to-day activity!

Pink Ombre Hair Style 1

Pink Ombre Hair Style 2

Pink Ombre Hair Style 3

Inspirational Gray and Pink Hair Trends

If you are sick and tired of sugary sweet ladies in your social circle and want to show those freaking ladies , who is a real hot woman here – dye your hair grey and pink! Nothing can compete with the magic pink and grey hair combination. You would look like a nymph from a fairytale, though a quite contemporary one. There is no combination that combines the incompatible – slightly depressive and serious mood and feminine fragile personality. Believe us, you will knock off all the fake girlish wannabes around you! Moreover, you will look really sexy if cutting your hair to the short length – however, combine two colors on short hair is quite difficult, though we think that you will deal with it. Well, make your choice and remember to feel free!

Pink And Grey Hair
Inspirational Gray and Pink Hair Trends 1Inspirational Gray and Pink Hair Trends 2

Girls with Pastel Pink Dyed Curly Hair

Curly hair is one of the cutest things in the world. Pink color is one of the best hues for this hair type – such an unusual color choice can highlight the delicacy and youth of any girl, though can contrast badly with the appearance of a lady having a cold and strict face, so be sure that this color suits you. Or forget about these freaking standards and rules and make your life more pink! There are cases of magical transformations, for example, changing a masculine girl into a feminine lady with just one thing – a hair color. If you do not care about the people’s opinion etc., do everything that you suppose to be right and comfortable for you, and get inspired with our collection of wonderful pastel pink dyed curly hair!

Girls with Pastel Pink Dyed Curly Hair 1

Girls with Pastel Pink Dyed Curly Hair 2

Girls with Pastel Pink Dyed Curly Hair 3

Eye-catching Reddish Pink Hair Styles

Only a bit crazy women will dare to try the following reddish pink hair styles. The girls, whose photos we present below, go against all the existing rules of the modern natural trends! They must have very bright personalities to cover their bright looks, otherwise such a style can be considered as just a way to hide some mental or intellectual gaps. However, we are sure that these women are cool enough for not afraid to express themselves with pride and femininity! If you are of the same kind, try this very style! However, remember about an  important thing: your makeup should match your new look. Additionally, you would have to change your wardrobe completely, as pink is a picky color and goes well with a limited number of colors. We are sure that you will take this challenge with dignity and courage and will show your new You to the world!

Eye-catching Reddish Pink Hair Styles 1Eye-catching Reddish Pink Hair Styles 2

Eye-catching Reddish Pink Hair Styles 3Red And Pink Hair

Pink Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

Pink color and dark skin create a great duo! Just imagine what a beautiful contrast appears when an African-American woman dyes hair pink! Below, you will find the best examples of trendy pink hairstyles ideas. Pink hair designs are very popular among young black women, and if you want to become an influential Instagram star, who is able to make such bold choices as changing the hair color to a creative and unusual one, this hair design will definitely help you a lot to get plenty of subscribers because of your taste and courage.

Pink Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women 1

Pink Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women 2

Pink Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women 3

Blonde and Pink Hair Dye

Many women try bold pink hair colors regardless their age, what can trigger either a stunning effect or an awful regret. There should be a thoughtful choice and the understanding of its results, so if you are not ready to get a possible adverse effect, make your decisions after reviewing of the modern trends or getting some advice from a stylist. However, you can get a lot of trends examples of blonde and pink hair combinations here, inter alia! A blonde and pink hairstyle looks awesome both on long and medium hair.

Blonde and Pink Hair Dye 1

Blonde and Pink Hair Dye 2

Blonde and Pink Hair Dye 3

Hairstyles with Pink Highlights and Pink Streaks

If you are afraid to look too rebellious (like the youth often wants to look and act), we can help you to get a pink hairstyle without making big changes. We have some great tips for you! Firstly, try to make the pink streaks. They are not as bold as the total hair color change actually is, but it is still an attractive and creative way to add some sweetness to your style. Secondly, try to experiment with different shades of pink – this is the next step in changing the hair color and getting used to the new look and further steps. Then, you can either leave your appearance alone and do not touch your hair till the end of the days – your pink strips will look amazing in any situation; or you can go ahead and dye your hair pink fully!

Pink Hair Highlights
Pink Hair Highlights

Hairstyles with Pink Highlights and Pink Streaks 1

Hairstyles with Pink Highlights and Pink Streaks 2

Cartoon Style: Pink and Blue Hair Colors

Don’t be scared of experiments! If you are not afraid to impress people, you are definitely an interesting girl with a creative personality and should go further and impress the society with your appearance too! A pastel pink and blue hair color must be created for you, so you can decide upon this hair combination. The perfect transition from light blue hair with pink ends or vise versa will definitely enhance your young beauty and rebel features of character. Do not forget to decorate this magic hair with romantic boho hair accessories to diversify and complement your new style and nice pink blush.

Cartoon Style: Pink and Blue Hair Colors 1

Cartoon Style: Pink and Blue Hair Colors 2

Cartoon Style: Pink and Blue Hair Colors 3

Pastel Pink And Blue Hair

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