Hairstyles for Thick Hair

The choice of any hairstyle depends on such factors as a person’s face shape, the thickness of hair, the length of hair, the hair texture and type, and, last but not least, a personal style and preferences.

Of course, there might be some additional things that influence the choice, but the ones above are primal.

Let us get it straight from the very beginning, in this post we’re going to give particular attention to thick hair and the hairstyles which will be the best and most beneficial for you if this is a kind of hair you have. But you will also find some tips on what hairstyles to choose if, for example, you have both thick hair and round face, or thick and frizzy hair, etc.

Look. The thing is, women whose hair is thin can only dream of having voluminous thick hair. On the flip side, women with thick hair usually have no idea of what to do with this thickness and volume. It’s a vicious circle, isn’t it? But you know what? Luckily, there are tons of styling tips and tricks that can help you to get the hair you have always wanted.

And truth to be told, you are very lucky to have thick hair. This is a sign of sound health and good genetics. You should be creative with your hair and check these amazing hairstyles for thick hair. Women who have thick hair should feel very proud because such hair is their real treasure. You can create so many interesting hair designs. Look at these models demonstrating haircuts for thick hair. All these variants look stunning. You can keep a medium hair length and make cute waves or you can color your hair in brunette and make some layers. After all, the good volume is the key to look gorgeous.

Good Haircuts For Thick Wavy Frizzy Hair

Good Haircuts For Thick Wavy Frizzy Hair 1
Good Haircuts For Thick Wavy Frizzy Hair 2
Good Haircuts For Thick Wavy Frizzy Hair 3
Good Haircuts For Thick Wavy Frizzy Hair 4
Good Haircuts For Thick Wavy Frizzy Hair 5

Thick wavy hair is something to be thankful for. The only thing that can get in the way of enjoying such hair is the excessive volume. Are you a girl who sees a lion’s mane in the mirror every time she dries hair? Are you a girl who finds it hard to put all this hair in a simple high ponytail because it just doesn’t last long on the top? Are you a girl who has to spend quite a lot time in a shower to wash this bulk of hair? Yes, if your hair is thick and wavy or even curly, it is hard to take care of it. But it doesn’t mean that your “the one and only” option is to have hair cut short. Well, of course, shorter hairstyles like a bob or shoulder-length layered hairstyles will be better in terms of styling, but long haircuts with soft layers are also quite beneficial for you. As you may have noticed, the key point here is layers! Wearing thick hair (no matter what length this hair is) is a bad idea and here’s why. If your thick hair is of the same length, the overall look of such a hairstyle might remind a triangle. Layers, on the other hand, provide you with the opportunity to achieve any hairstyle shape you want. Also, thanks to the layers you will be able to reduce the volume and make your thick frizzy hair weightless. Another trick that can work well to reduce the unnecessary volume is an undercut, which is so trendy right now.

This is such a treasure to have naturally thick and curly hair. Look at these ladies, they demonstrate perfect hairstyles for thick wavy and curly hair which you should definitely try. And the best thing is, you can go for whatever hair length you want: medium length hair, chin length hair, short hair, long hair, shoulder length, etc. All the options look very cool. From now on thick frizzy hair will work to your advantage.

Cool Bob And Lob Haircuts For Thick Hair

Cool Bob And Lob Haircuts For Thick Hair 1
Cool Bob And Lob Haircuts For Thick Hair 2
Cool Bob And Lob Haircuts For Thick Hair 3
Cool Bob And Lob Haircuts For Thick Hair 4

Bob haircuts for thick hair deserve special attention from us. Whether bobs are short, medium or long, they are definitely ones of the most popular haircuts ever. Bob hairstyle looks awesome on both thick and thin hair. However, if you have natural thick hair, bob will look just amazing. You can keep your hair straight or make it curly a bit. Would you like to make your look more romantic? You should check these bob and lob haircuts for thick hair. Our models prove that such a hairstyle looks awesome on both blond and brunette hair if you apply some curls. If you have thick hair, you will have super volume.

Cute Hairstyles For Thick Straight Hair

Cute Hairstyles For Thick Straight Hair 1
Cute Hairstyles For Thick Straight Hair 2
Cute Hairstyles For Thick Straight Hair 3
Cute Hairstyles For Thick Straight Hair 4

Among all thick hair hairstyles, the ones for thick straight hair look the most effortless in terms of styling. To start with, straight hair means that your volume isn’t as shocking big as you could have had if your hair was curly. As well as that, women who have got thick straight hair can even opt for blunt cuts. Though we’d like to point out one more time that such haircuts shouldn’t be your number one choice. Again, it’s better if you experiment with layers to thin out thick hair and make your hairstyle visually less voluminous.
As for the length of hair, everything depends on you. Take into account that the longer your hair is, the longer your face looks. So, if you have an oblong face shape and thick straight hair, opt for medium to short hairstyles.

Stylish Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair

Stylish Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair 1
Stylish Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair 2
Stylish Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair 3
Stylish Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair 4

We won’t get tired to repeat the simple truth over and over again – thick hair always looks better with layers. Have a look at these gorgeous women with layered haircuts for thick hair. They prove that layers look incredibly good on thick hair because they make a creative effect of messy hair and reduce the volume a bit. Once you decide to make such a haircut, you will look more feminine. Try picturing this. Black dress, bright makeup, beautiful hairstyle and you are the queen. Any professional hair stylist will tell that layers look better on thick hair. Check out ones of the best layered thick hair haircuts and see for yourself.

Amazing Hairstyles For Thick Coarse Hair

Amazing Hairstyles For Thick Coarse Hair 1
Amazing Hairstyles For Thick Coarse Hair 2
Amazing Hairstyles For Thick Coarse Hair 3
Amazing Hairstyles For Thick Coarse Hair 4
Amazing Hairstyles For Thick Coarse Hair 5

Okay, let’s face it, thick coarse hair can cause quite a few difficulties when it comes to the styling part. Such hair doesn’t lay the way you want it to. It’s a typical problem. But the right choice of a haircut can help you out. So, if you still find it hard to style your thick coarse hair, the chances are you don’t quite realize the whole potential of such hair type and don’t know how to use it to your advantage.

Nowadays, more and more women prefer to have shaggy hairstyles because they make thick hair look awesome. There are lots of trendy hair designs among which you can choose the one for yourself. If you want to look as bright as these ladies in the pictures, don’t be afraid to go for choppy layers. Coarse hair is not so easy to manage, but it doesn’t mean that you are doomed. Try one of these fashionable hairstyles for thick coarse hair. You will look beautiful and well-prepared for your special occasion. And as a bonus, the hairstyles like these will make you look much younger and more stylish for sure.

The Best Haircuts For Long Thick Hair

The Best Haircuts For Long Thick Hair 1
The Best Haircuts For Long Thick Hair 2
The Best Haircuts For Long Thick Hair 3
The Best Haircuts For Long Thick Hair 4

When it comes thick hair care, there are some things you have to remember in order to make your hairstyle look flawless. Unlike thin hair that tends to get greasy sooner, it isn’t recommended to wash thick hair too often. Well, it depends, of course. But in general, you will need to wash it every other day or once in three days. Do not overuse the hair dryer because it can make matters worse and your hair will get too poofy and coarser. Don’t forget about moisturizing products since they can help you to achieve the healthy gloss of your thick hair. Be careful with hair dyeing and better find an experienced colorist. Stick to the layered hairstyles and you will look like a million dollars. And after all, who can be more beautiful than a woman with long thick hair? Look at our models demonstrating haircuts for long thick hair and get inspired to try something like these styles. Side note: brown hair color with cute highlights all around your hair length will create a very interesting effect.

The Most Beneficial Haircuts For Women With Thick Hair

You are such a lucky woman to have thick hair. It’s hard to single out only a few most beneficial haircuts for thick hair since there are a lot of them out there. Side swept bangs? Yeah, definitely. The shoulder-length layered hairstyle with wispy bangs? Sure, it’s your option. Maybe, you feel like having a very long layered haircut? Of course, you should go for it because it seems that such a hairstyle was made for women with thick hair. As you can see, you are not limited at all. With the right approach, you can get whichever hairstyle you want and look gorgeous showing off your beautiful thick hair. Some women think that it’s impossible to pick the right hairstyle for thick black hair, but look here and tell us this again.

Low Maintenance Haircuts For Girls With Thick Hair

Our lives are extremely busy and women need haircuts which would look beautiful without the need for everyday styling. These low maintenance haircuts for thick hair are very practical and save lots of your time in the morning. You will never look boring with these hairdos for thick hair. As well as that all these hairstyles are great examples of wash and go hairstyles, which means the whole styling process is in washing and drying your hair.

If you are lucky to have healthy thick hair like the models in the pics, don’t be afraid to experiment with various haircuts for thick hair. Waves, layers and even bangs will make your hair shine as it has never done before.

Are you thinking to change your style a bit? If you want to find a perfect haircut for everyday life you should check out these easy haircuts for thick hair. Something like natural light brown hair color, mid length, and layers, accompanied with natural makeup will make you look very feminine.

The bottom line:

Thick hair is awesome! Thinking that thick hair is a curse is a total misconception. Girls, you won’t look like you are wearing a helmet if, for example, you choose a short haircut. All you need is a face-framing layered bob that gets the unnecessary volume off and accentuates the beauty of your thick hair. If chosen right, any haircut will look just great on thick hair.