Hairstyles for Relaxed Hair

Although recently women have supported the idea of natural beauty, especially when it comes to hair, there are still a lot of ladies who are willing to alter their hair structure – curls should be straightened and straight hair should be curled. Talking about curly, coily or kinky hair, its owners often want to make it straight in order to try different Hairstyles for Relaxed Hair.

Are You searching for some fresh ideas of hairstyles for relaxed hair? Such relaxed hairstyles are the best if you want to look cute and natural. However, do not forget that to look natural is a real art. Natural hair looks stunning when it is neat and healthy. That is why, if you opt for such relaxed hair, you should pay attention to treating them accordingly. Relaxed hair is the best for a casual look!

And also see the collection of easy hairstyles for natural hair.

Relaxed Hair: What Is It?

Relaxed Hair: What Is It? 1
Relaxed Hair: What Is It? 2
Relaxed Hair: What Is It? 3

So, what do you need to know before relaxing hair? If you are a person with tight curls, you are probably familiar with relaxers. As with any kind of perm, hair relaxing is a chemical process, but unlike perming, relaxers make it easier to permanently straighten hair. Basically, it is a process of so-called controlled damage that changes the hair texture. In other words, your hair texture alters from curly to straight because of applying a relaxer. What is more, there are different types of relaxers that have different formulas so consult with your cosmetologist in advance.

As you may have guessed, the whole process of hair relaxing takes much time. First, the hair gets prepared. Then goes the process of application of the relaxer on each section. The next step is rinsing the sections. After this, your hair is washed with shampoo and moisturized with a deep conditioner. After all of these things, hair is considered to be “relaxed” so a stylist applies a special roller set and you have to sit under a hair dryer for approximately an hour. Finally, your hair gets straightened by blowing out.

Depending on your hair length, you’ll need to repeat this process every 8 weeks (if you have short hair) or every 12 to 16 weeks (if you are a girl with long hair). All in all, to relax hair is a good way to make the styling easier and more comfortable, but it’s not recommended to do this way too often.

How to Take Care of Relaxed Hair and Keep it Healthy

How to Take Care of Relaxed Hair and Keep it Healthy 1
How to Take Care of Relaxed Hair and Keep it Healthy 2

Needless to say, after such a traumatic procedure your hair will need special treatment and special hair products. To start with, you will have to give some good thinking to your diet, which should be rich in protein and iron. Not to mention moisturizing hair and scalp on a regular basis. Special moisturizing shampoos and deep conditioners, hair masks, and oil should become your best friends. Speaking of oil, you may like to apply it before going to bed and rinse in the morning. You’ll need to give some special attention to the scalp since the skin on the head gets dry because of hair relaxing. And of course, forget about heat styling whatsoever. Let your hair dry naturally or dry it at the lowest heat setting. As well as that, don’t use curling or flat irons for styling. You’ll find tons of hairstyles that not only protect but also keep relaxed hair healthy.

Hairstyles to Wear When Growing Relaxed Hair

Hairstyles to Wear When Growing Relaxed Hair 1
Hairstyles to Wear When Growing Relaxed Hair 2
Hairstyles to Wear When Growing Relaxed Hair 3

How to maintain relaxed hair when you’re trying to grow out your hair? You can repeat the procedure after your natural hair has grown out, but it is important not to over processed your hair. There are also a few ways to straighten black hair without a relaxer so you can look gorgeous without constantly damaging your hair with chemicals. But if you already have relaxed black hair, you wonder what kind of protective styles you can wear while growing out your hair. Actually, the options are various: from French braids to simple ponytails. But the point is, you need to be careful with hair elastics and clips you use to make these hairstyles. Clips with no teeth, elastics that are designed to do less harm to your hair are exactly what we are talking about. And as for the hairstyles for women with relaxed hair – check the ideas here.

Awesome Short Relaxed Hairstyles

Awesome Short Relaxed Hairstyles 1
Awesome Short Relaxed Hairstyles 2
Awesome Short Relaxed Hairstyles 3

Dark-skinned women practically always have curly hair. With a relaxer, they can look really interesting as their hair is straight and smooth. Spice your image by dyeing your hair in blonde!
Your relaxed hair will look gorgeous if you are daring enough to have a pixie cut done. Such a hairdo looks very bold and sexy! Even short relaxed hair can be managed in a hot stylish way. Setting curls in layers can be easily achieved as the hair is short and doesn’t take much time to do it. However, the result is worthwhile!

Protective Hairstyles for Relaxed Hair

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Protective Hairstyles for Relaxed Hair 2
Protective Hairstyles for Relaxed Hair 3

I want to relax natural hair. How many times has this question appeared in your head lately? The chances are, quite often since you are here, reading our article and trying to figure out what to do with your hair. When you want to have straight hair, it’s important to outline its beauty and at the same time keep it healthy. For this reason, we have got a few cool protective hairstyles for relaxed black hair. When it comes to relaxed hair there is always a chance that it will stay a bit kinky anyway. However, you can always take advantage of it and create stunning updos like in the photos. Milkmaid braids, high buns, goddess braids – you can opt for any of these hairstyles.

Cute Relaxed Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Cute Relaxed Hairstyles for Medium Hair 1
Cute Relaxed Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2
Cute Relaxed Hairstyles for Medium Hair 3

Keep your look simple and fabulous at the same time. Any of these hot hairstyles will look nice on relaxed hair. And let’s face it, straight bobs are incredibly beautiful. What girl wouldn’t like to try this hairstyle at least once in a lifetime? It’s cool when mother nature has given you straight hair from birth, but it doesn’t mean that ladies with curly hair can’t get such a hairstyle. Relaxed hair is a way out, really. Though African American women with the medium length hair will need to do a touch-up more frequently. But the result is worth it, right?

Interesting Hairstyles for Long Relaxed Hair

Interesting Hairstyles for Long Relaxed Hair 1
Interesting Hairstyles for Long Relaxed Hair 2
Interesting Hairstyles for Long Relaxed Hair 3

Milkmaid braid looks extremely hot and sexy, especially on black women with long relaxed hair. Free a few locks in front and drive every man crazy! And the best thing is, long hair gives you an opportunity to do experiments. Relaxed hair will have a stunning look if you brush it to one side and add a little volume to it. Freshen up your look with unusual blue color. And it’s just one style and there are tons of them out there.