Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

It’s hard to imagine a more comfortable and versatile hairstyle than a ponytail. This is the simplest hairstyle that every girl can do in her sleep.

There are several reasons why a lot of girls love the ponytail so much. Firstly, it is convenient. Secondly, it is stylish. And thirdly, it looks very sexy! But this doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to only one classic version of the ponytail hairstyle. The easiest and most beautiful way to diversify this usual hairstyle is… braiding! A braided ponytail is an attractive hairstyle that can easily freshen and funk up your entire image.

A ponytail with a plait is suitable for any occasion: work, first date, romantic dinner, playing sports or going out. It’s easy and fast to make it – and we’ll tell you how. With such a hairstyle, you’ll look elegant and impressive in any situation.

We offer you to look at several ideas of adorable braided ponytails, which you should definitely try! Let’s check them out right now.

How to do a braided ponytail

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How to do a braided ponytail 2

How to do a braided ponytail 3

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If you already have any skills in weaving, then it’ll be easy for you to do a braided ponytail. If you’ve never made braids, then you’ll need to practice a little to get a beautiful updo. There are several ways to make a braided ponytail. We’ll look at the most popular and simple ones.

A ponytail with braid on top is a great choice for those who like French braids. This hairstyle can be elegant and playful – it depends on you and your look as a whole. Everything is very simple. Take a piece of hair from the forehead and begin to twist 3 strands as in a usual French braid, gradually adding the remaining strands. Make the braid to the base of the ponytail. Tousle your hair a little with your fingers, and then just tie it with a rubber band. If you want your ponytail to look more voluminous, curl the loose strands with a curler.

Meet another cute idea for your hairstyle – a ponytail with a braid under it. Start to weave from the neck, at the very base of hair growth. The higher you make the ponytail, the better it will look!

Also, you can make a ponytail and weave a braid out of it. This is the easiest and fastest way to style your hair. To make it look voluminous, you first need to backcomb hair and apply hair spray, and only then weave a braid. Don’t make it tight – it should be as loose as possible.

As you can see, a ponytail is not just a way to remove hair from your face, but a beautiful updo, for which you need 5 minutes of time, a styling spray, and a comb. Give it a try right now!

Cool braid ponytail styles

Cool braid ponytail styles 1

Cool braid ponytail styles 2

Cool braid ponytail styles 3

Cool braid ponytail styles 4

Cool braid ponytail styles 5

A ponytail with braid on top is probably the most popular and comfortable hairstyle. Most often, such a braid is woven tightly. So you can wear it all day long and be sure that it won’t mess up and will look as neat as if you just did it. Therefore, such a braided ponytail is an excellent option if you’re going to the country, to the gym, to walk with the dog or if you just lead an active lifestyle.

What is the result? An amazing look and high spirits for the whole day! Take a look at the pics and choose what you like more!

Cute braided ponytails hairstyles

Cute braided ponytails hairstyles 1

Cute braided ponytails hairstyles 2

Cute braided ponytails hairstyles 3

Cute braided ponytails hairstyles 4

Cute braided ponytails hairstyles 5

Want to add an unusual accent to your hairstyle? Try a ponytail with a side braid! This charming hairstyle is suitable for both daily looks and formal occasions. A thin braid, interwoven into the ponytail, makes this hairstyle sophisticated and very simple, despite the fact that it seems complicated. You can do such a braided ponytail in 5-10 minutes. So this is a great option for those who don’t want to waste their precious time for complex styling before going out.

Check out the photos with cute ponytail hairstyles with side braids and save the best ideas!

Trendy low ponytail with braids

Trendy low ponytail with braids 1

Trendy low ponytail with braids 2

Trendy low ponytail with braids 3

Trendy low ponytail with braids 4

Trendy low ponytail with braids 5

A ponytail can hardly be called a completely new trend. We see this hairstyle on the red carpet and catwalk from year to year. A lot of celebrities like to wear ponytails, including Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, Sandra Bullock, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Selena Gomez. Perhaps, only the variations of the ponytail change from the season to the season. According to the well-known stylists and fashion shows, low and smooth ponytail is the main hair trend of this year. Indeed, it looks amazing!

You can make the trendy low ponytail even more sophisticated – with the help of braids, of course! Play with the contrast of sleek hair at the top and beautiful weaving of hair gathered in a ponytail. Check out the pictures and get inspired for gorgeous hairstyles.

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Messy braids into a ponytail

Messy braids into a ponytail 1

Messy braids into a ponytail 2

Messy braids into a ponytail 3

Messy braids into a ponytail 4

Messy braids into a ponytail 5

We also have something for those who don’t like too sleek and neat hairstyles but prefer naturalness. Messy hair is a trend that hasn’t given up ground for several seasons already. So if you want to add a bit of grunge style to your look, a messy ponytail with braids is just the ticket!

This hairstyle is very easy to make. Gather your hair, but don’t comb it. Remember that if the hair is tangled, it should stay that way. Do a ponytail and then make a braid – which one is up to you to decide. You can choose a half braid, a knotted one, or a big fishtail. It all depends on the length and thickness of your hair. The main thing is to make your hair look as if you just got out of bed!

Ideas of hair braided up into a ponytail

Ideas of hair braided up into a ponytail 1

Ideas of hair braided up into a ponytail 2

Ideas of hair braided up into a ponytail 3

Ideas of hair braided up into a ponytail 4

Ideas of hair braided up into a ponytail 5

If you like African American braids, our next idea of the braided ponytail is just for you!

Wearing braids, especially if they are long, is not always convenient. They can fall on your face or get in the way of everything that you do almost like loose hair. Sounds familiar? If yes, take a look at the idea of braids going up into a ponytail.

Such braided ponytails are not only comfortable to wear but also very eye-catching – see for yourself!

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Popular ponytail braid hairstyles

Popular ponytail braid hairstyles 2

Popular ponytail braid hairstyles 3

Popular ponytail braid hairstyles 4

Popular ponytail braid hairstyles 5

Meet another cool idea of ponytail braid hairstyles – a ponytail with rope braid. Such a hairdo became popular thanks to Gigi Hadid and Blake Lively, who wear such braided ponytail very often.

A rope braid is a great alternative to the boring ordinary plait. Such weaving looks very creative and attractive. Wanna stand out from the crowd? Try this variant of the braided ponytail!

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Beautiful hairstyles with braids in ponytails

Beautiful hairstyles with braids in ponytails 1

Beautiful hairstyles with braids in ponytails 2

Beautiful hairstyles with braids in ponytails 3

Beautiful hairstyles with braids in ponytails 4

Beautiful hairstyles with braids in ponytails 5

Just tying up your hair with a rubber band is too boring! We found for you some spectacular hairstyles with braids in ponytails – check them out!

The advantage of such hairstyles is that they are suitable for hair of different textures. Even soft and unruly hair can be styled in a neat braided ponytail. Such updos always look amazing. You can wear them every day or choose for formal events. A little practice, 10 minutes of your time and your hairstyle is gorgeous!