Ghana Braids

Check out 31 ideas of Ghana braids hairstyles here — we’ve chosen only the best examples of such braids, so you will 100% like them!

So, what are Ghana braids? They are basically the cornrows that go straight from the front of the head to the back, but they have one difference from the classic cornrows. Ghana braids are larger than the cornrows because your hair should be intertwined with extensions — and trust us, it looks extremely stylish. Ghana hair braids are certainly trending now, and they look really great on African American women — so you just have to give them a try. We are sure that this list of 31 cool hairstyles will impress you… so let’s start it right now!

Zig Zag Ghana Braids Hairstyle

Compact zig-zag braids are the thing that will work great in all situations. The first hairstyle here is a classic Ghana braided hairstyle — but you certainly can’t say that it looks like an outdated style. It’s all about the color — red haircuts will 100% be trending in the following years, as well as zig zag braids. We can guarantee it!

Even if the hairstyle in the second picture isn’t as bright as a previous one, these small lemonade braids are extremely beautiful — but of course, it’s not the easiest hairstyle in the world. What is more, the Beyonce-inspired hairdo looks just great with this long side fringe.

Box braids, anyone? This protective hairdo works perfect with small zig-zag cornrows, and the third picture will prove you we’re telling the truth.

Zig zag Ghana braids hairstyle 1
Zig zag Ghana braids hairstyle 2
Zig zag Ghana braids hairstyle 3

Awesome Ghana Braiding Hairstyles

Ghana braiding hairstyles are protective, just like the absolute majority of the braided hairdos. The thing is, they protect the ends of your hair and encourage the growth of your it. We’ve collected three awesome hairstyles that will both protect your hair and make you look gorgeous!

What about a ponytail? Ponytails are probably the most common hairstyles that can be made with hair extensions, and there is a reason for that. They are extremely quick and easy to do, you won’t spend too much time maintaining them — and of course, they look fantastic, so every braided ponytail is definitely a win-win hairstyle. And this one isn’t an exception, of course.

If you wanna find something brighter than the previous ponytail, well, we have something for you, too. It’s a very simple and very long hairstyle, but it looks very fresh because of the color — this black to aqua blue ombre is definitely a great choice.

The third hairdo here is not too complicated, too. It’s a simple bob, which will look best on short hair — so if are looking for a short hairdo that looks very natural, you have to pay attention to this one. Seriously, it’s worth it.

Awesome Ghana braiding hairstyles 1
Awesome Ghana braiding hairstyles 2
Awesome Ghana braiding hairstyles 3

Ideas Of Hairstyles with 4 Ghanaian Braids

Four Ghanaian braids is one of the most common Ghana braids designs in the world. They look flawless in the majority of cases, so there’s a reason for them to be popular.

Here we have three beautiful examples of such weaving hairstyles. The first two hairdos are very similar to each other.  Yet the first hairstyle has four bigger braids with three smaller ones, which is definitely the classic style that has always worked great for African American women. And the second style shows just four colorful Ghana braids.

The third hairstyle is more complicated. It’s basically the same combination of four big braids and three small ones, but you can’t deny that it looks really fresh! Wear the braids to the side and you’ll get a very trending and stylish hairstyle. Check the third photo out and you’ll see it!

Ideas of hairstyles with 4 Ghanaian braids 1
Ideas of hairstyles with 4 Ghanaian braids 2
Ideas of hairstyles with 4 Ghanaian braids 3

Cute Small Ghana Cornrows Braids

Installing micro braids is a time-consuming process, but that’s probably the only problem you’ll have with them. Let’s see what we’ve found here for you.

Our idea was to find something interesting for all hair lengths, and that’s why we’ll talk about short, medium, and long hairstyles with small Ghana cornrows. Like, the first one is a classic short-to-medium length bob — but add a color and it becomes a really cute and beautiful hairdo. Box braids and bob, what can be better than that for your medium length braids?

Two other hairstyles are complete opposites. Long, small feed-in braids with a very interesting pattern and a large bun looks really chic, while the last hairdo (short twists) is a very strong style for confident women — and we can’t say which one is better, cos they both look great!

Cute small Ghana cornrows braids 1
Cute small Ghana cornrows braids 2
Cute small Ghana cornrows braids 3

Hairstyles with Ghana Braids to the Side

As you’ve probably noticed, we always call side-swept Ghana braids “fresh” and “stylish”. Well, they really are — and if you are looking for some more, we have them here!

The first two hairstyles are quite similar, but the braids are larger on the first photo. The first hairstyle is so-called Lemonade (or Beyonce) feed-in braids, while the second one is simple cornrows to the side (which doesn’t make it worse of course).

If you want something large and thick, the third photo is for you. These Ghana braids are very creative and feminine at the same time, because of the braids that fall on the face. Hair rings and other braid accessories will work great here, too.

Hairstyles with Ghana braids to the side 1
Hairstyles with Ghana braids to the side 2
Hairstyles with Ghana braids to the side 3

Pictures of 5 Ghana Braids Styles

The first braided hairdo here has a very interesting pattern. These braids (they are called asymmetrical) look cool, they are perfect for young girls and women — and of course, they can work well for both formal and informal occasions. It’s a very good style for you if you are going to have a busy day!

The second and the last braided styles are very similar, but the second one is the braids spun into a bun while the third one is a classic waist-length Ghana braids. They both are very beautiful and each of them is certainly formal enough to be your everyday hairdo!

Pictures of 5 Ghana braids styles 1
Pictures of 5 Ghana braids styles 2
Pictures of 5 Ghana braids styles 3

Quick and Easy Two Ghana Braids

Two Ghana braids hairstyles are probably the easiest and the quickest African braid styles — you will certainly not spend too much time on making and maintaining them. They are also great for beginners, so if you don’t know how to do Ghana braids, such hairstyles could be a great choice. But it doesn’t mean that they look bad — take a look at these three images and you’ll see that simple, quick and easy braids can look great, too!

They all are, like, classic cornrows, but with bigger scale. The first and second hairstyles here are basically two double-braids, while the third one is simple and single braids. Extremely simple and trending braids, what can be better than that?

Quick and easy two Ghana braids 1
Quick and easy two Ghana braids 2
Quick and easy two Ghana braids 3

Jumbo Ghana Braids in a Ponytail

What about some ponytails? They are simple, they look gorgeous in the majority of cases, and they are exactly what you need if you are looking for something attractive, sexy and hot.

We’ve tried to collect all the possible types of jumbo Ghana braided ponytails here. Here you’ll find both short and long ones — the fourth haircut is a perfect short ponytail that looks great with accessories, and the first three cuts are long&gorgeous. There are also large and micro braids here, both black and red ones — so all you have to do now is to make your choice!

Jumbo Ghana braids in a ponytail 1
Jumbo Ghana braids in a ponytail 2
Jumbo Ghana braids in a ponytail 3
Jumbo Ghana braids in a ponytail 4

Elegant Ghana Braids Updos

We already added some updos to this list, but when it comes to updos, it’s never enough! Check these three hairstyles out — we are sure you will like them.

We have everything you need here, from box braids (like on the first picture) to the updos with a bun. Updos are quick, easy-to-do and they always look elegant, so they will work well for all types of occasions. Like, if you are gonna go to an informal event, like to a party or something, these updos will be a great choice — but we can say the same about any formal meeting or about your work day in the office. If you don’t know what to choose, choose an updo hairstyle, that’s what we think.

Elegant Ghana braids updos 1
Elegant Ghana braids updos 2
Elegant Ghana braids updos 3

Banana Braids Styles

As we’ve said earlier, banana braids is just another name for Ghana braids — and here we have three great examples of such hairdos right here.

The first hairstyle is very “wild” if we may say so. It’s a classic bob with some trendy ideas — and we are sure this style will suit any woman, regardless of her age. However, we are sure that it will work best for the teenagers.

The second one is a long hairstyle, and it’s a high ponytail, which means it’s extremely simple&quick. Just like all updos, basically. What we like about this hairdo is that maintaining it is definitely not a problem. So, if you are a beginner and if you don’t know anything about all this stuff like how to maintain such hairstyles, how to make them and how long do Ghana braids last, we can certainly recommend this one. Btw, the answer to the last question is “up to 8 weeks”, if you’re wondering.

The last one is a perfect 6 Ghana braids hairstyle. Well, there are actually 12 braids here, but you’ll have to combine 6 thick and 6 thin braids in order to make a clean 6-braids look. It’s an extremely cute and trendy style, so we highly recommend to try it!

Banana braids styles 1
Banana braids styles 2
Banana braids styles 3