Flat Top Haircut

If there is a purely manly haircut, it is the flap top one. This hairstyle became extremely popular in early the 50s due to its simplicity and strict shape. A lot of men from soldier to gangstas proudly wore it at that time, but nothing lasts forever, and soon new modern hairstyles have displaced flat top one the runways and in the streets. However, fashion is unstable but sentimental lady – now this hairstyle is popular again! Don’t miss the main trends of the men’s style – classic, military, curly, short or high flat top may be precisely what you are looking for!

Modern Flat Top Hair

The new birth of any fashion trend or style, including the hairstyle, is always accompanied by numerous adaptations. The flat top hair didn’t remain unchanged – today this haircut may look completely different! Want to have a classic cut from fifties? No problem – a barber knows what to do. Wanna wear it but look highly modern? The bright color will change the look of the hairstyle completely. Feel free to experiment!

Modern Flat Top Hair 1

Modern Flat Top Hair 2

Black Guys’ Choice – Flat Top Hair Cut

The texture of black men’s hair is awesome – there are so many opportunities for imagination! Even the simple haircut may look highly stylish due to creative flat-top designs, fades, and color. Some of the black guys love classic cuts while some want to stand out in the crowd by wearing fantastic asymmetric flattops. Just take a look at the pictures below – different shapes, different creative designs, all that looks absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly modern.

Black Guys Choice Flat Top Hair Cut 1

Black Guys Choice Flat Top Hair Cut 2

Black Guys Choice Flat Top Hair Cut 3

Most Popular Mens Flat Top Hairstyles

I may seem that there’s nothing more boring than this hairstyle. According to its name, all pictures of flat top haircuts must look similar. Well, in our opinion, these three images demonstrate, that there’s a dense array of options. Do you think that the high flat-top is only for the black men? Well, the first pic will show you that white guys can also look fantastic by wearing it. Do you think that its shape itself is always boring? Well, take a glance at the next two images. One hairstyle, so many different visions!

Most Popular Mens Flat Top Hairstyles 1

Most Popular Mens Flat Top Hairstyles 2

Most Popular Mens Flat Top Hairstyles 3

Flat Top with Fade

Fade is a kind of transition between the skin and hair. It may be low (in this case the hairstyle looks less bald) high (the hair covers the top of the head), and medium (50/50). Hair itself may be curly or straight, and don’t forget about the creative designs – they’re always welcome! In other words, we again came to the same conclusion – the flat-tops may be more than diverse. Fade is just another element used to make the cut look more sophisticated and stylish.

Flat Top with Fade 1

Flat Top with Fade 2

Best Military Flat Top Haircuts

Soldiers love flattop for several reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t need any special care – if you wear a short one, you can even forget about the hairbrush. Secondly, they look exactly like the military hairstyles are supposed to look – as strict as possible. Thirdly, they are the most manly cuts. However, although the military flat top cut is mostly short, some prefer not to follow the common rules and wear a long one. Well, who says it’s bad?

Best Military Flat Top Haircuts 1

Best Military Flat Top Haircuts 2

Medium Curly Flat Top

Of course, curly flat top may also be short and high; however, the medium is probably the most popular one. You’ll enjoy the different variations and designs. What about flat top with fenders? Too extravagant? Well, then maybe a cut with an unusual design or a strict line dividing short and longer hair? As always, it’s up to you. You’re lucky to have curly hair, why avoid experiments?

Medium Curly Flat Top 1

Medium Curly Flat Top 2

Flattop Hair Ideas

The best thing about the flattops is that they may look completely different. The high one seems courageous and maybe a bit “loud,” but when combined with the right clothes, it’s like you’re just from the runway. To be convinced of that, look at the first picture. Short haircut, in turn, is the most manly hairstyle ever. Moreover, it’s often worn by the soldiers that know the value of comfort. Which one is better? You decide!

Flattop Hair Ideas 1

Flattop Hair Ideas 2

Short Flat Top Hairstyle

The new generation thinks that this style is for the middle-aged mostly; however, a good hair stylist can make it look more than modern and at the same time pretty casual. If you don’t want to look like a freaky model or as a soldier, choose short flattop, and add some accessories, for example, earrings, or wear a beard, or both! Such details will make a miracle, turning the strict classic haircut into something really stylish. Check out the photos – who’d say that these guys are from fifties?

Short Flat Top Hairstyle 1

Short Flat Top Hairstyle 2

Variations of Flat Top Crew Cut

As we have already said, the flat top has passed a long way from fifties to this day. This is the good news for all men who like diversity. For instance, initially, it was the short style that is tapered on the sides of the head and its back. However, who can say that long flattop is now abandoned? Furthermore, today we can see the cuts that a tapered on the top, not only on the sides. And what about the flat hair on the top? Just take a look at the asymmetrical haircut! Classics is changing, and that’s fantastic.

Variations of Flat Top Crew Cut 1

Variations of Flat Top Crew Cut 2

Fancy High Flat Top

Well, this hairstyle is not for everyone. Of course, we don’t mean that there are people who can’t wear it; we say only that not all of them are courageous enough to wear that fancy hair. It should also be noticed that those who are often look fantastic, especially if they don’t forget about the accessories and appropriate clothing. Black men love this style even more -the have the perfect hair texture that make the work of a hair stylist much easier. Though high flat top is not for the most shy people, it’s has the right to life.

Fancy High Flat Top 1

Fancy High Flat Top 2

Fancy High Flat Top 3

Awesome Flat Top Haircut with Beard

We personally love this unusual combination the most. Unlike the hipsters that wear pretty long, slicked or even a little messy hair with beard, the guys who prefer flattop look so manly! Just take a look at the guys on the pictures – it really seems that they are covered with the tattoos, and their bikes are waiting for them outside. Of course, that is not the must-have style, and there are a lot of people who love the totally different ones, but it may be a perfect option for you.

Awesome Flat Top Haircut with Beard 1

Awesome Flat Top Haircut with Beard 3