Crochet Braids Hairstyles

There are dozens of types of braids. Dutch braids, French braids, fishtail braids, reverse braids, rope twisted braids, pull-through braids, all this stuff. It’s quite easy to get confused, agree?

While the differences between some of them, like Dutch and French braids, are quite slight, there is one braiding technique that definitely stands out from the crowd. There’s no way the braids made by this method can be confused with all the other braids, that’s what we mean.

Yes, it’s the crochet braids we’d like to talk about here. Such braids are basically the braids, that are attached to your natural hair with a crochet hook or with a latch hook  (that’s where the name comes from). It makes sense that all the crochet braids hairstyles are fake, but trust us, they look just like your natural hair. Seriously, we bet that the people around you will not know that you have used the synthetic hair. Unless you tell them ofc.

There are some things we all love about the crochet braids hairstyles. The thing is, they all are beautiful, and no, we don’t say it because we have to — the crochet plaits look gorgeous in the absolute majority of cases, and it’s true. Well, you don’t have to believe our word — just continue reading and you’ll see that the crochet hair designs are a pure beauty.

That’s not the only reason why they are so popular now, of course. The hairstyles with crochet hair are also quite easy to do, they all are protective which means they won’t damage your hair, they are extremely popular and trending nowadays (and they’ve been from the 1990s), etc, etc. There are lots of reasons to love such braids, but it would be better for you to see them with your own eyes. There are 33 different kinds of crochet hair styles here, and we guarantee that you’ll like them. Let’s go!

Different crochet braid styles for curly hair

We’ll start with some classic crochet braids styles for the women with curly hair. If you aren’t into crocheting yet, we definitely have something that will make you think about changing your style!

So, take a look at the first picture. Not what you expected to see probably, but we just wanted to show that the crochet braids look perfect on light-skinned ladies, too. So, it’s a very trending hairstyle, as you can see —  the side undercut is trendy this year, and you can’t deny that. It’s a quite unusual combination, and it looks fantastic and trendy as hell. Damn, we love this one.

What about some bouncing crochet braids? It’s a very, very romantic and soft style, and we just see no reasons why it should go out of trends in the nearest future. It’s not the easiest style in the world, yeah, but can you tell us that it isn’t worth it? We are sure it’s great.

Let’s go to the third one, yes. It’s an awesome Afro-look hairdo, and that’s basically all we can say about it. Kelly Rowland definitely knows how to wear braids. Well, enough talking, just look at this photo and you’ll fall in love with it!

The last hairdo here is done with the Marley hair twists. Such braids have become VERY popular during the last years and they are still trendy! We love that impressive and unique look — if you are looking for a very confident hair design for a strong woman, you definitely shouldn’t ignore these braids.

However, we recommend you to be careful with this style. The thing is, if you have such a full Afro as on the “before” photo, you will most likely lose a lot of hair and it will probably not be as full and poofy as it was before.

Different crochet braid styles for curly hair 1
Different crochet braid styles for curly hair 2
Different crochet braid styles for curly hair 3
Different crochet braid styles for curly hair 4

Cute short crochet braids hairstyles

Sure, short and curly hair is the best hair for crochet braids. You can do whatever you want with such hair, and crochet braids would work perfect with it. Let’s see what we’ve found for you here.

And we’ll begin with a pixie hairstyle. It’s a very popular braiding hairstyle for short hair, the pixies look great in 100% of cases, and what’s more, it’s a very natural-looking crochet hair do. So, if you are looking for something short yet really cool, well, you have to pay attention to this amazing tapered and textured pixie haircut.

If you don’t like pixies, there are some other fantastic haircuts that would look perfect on your short hair. Like the second one — these faux locs are very elegant and feminine, if we may say so about a short braided hairdo.

The last haircut is a curly bob, and you can basically make it with various types of synthetic braids, but we highly recommend to try crochet braids, cause it looks like they were made for such bobs! It’s a hairdo that will add some volume and frame your face, and, what’s more, it’s one of those low-maintenance bobs that will not take too much of your time. Would you try it?

Cute short crochet braids hairstyles 1
Cute short crochet braids hairstyles 2
Cute short crochet braids hairstyles 3

Ways to wear crochet twists braids

You didn’t think we were going to ignore the twisted hairdos in this article, right? We are sure that twisted hairstyles are definitely not the thing you can miss when you are choosing the best crochet braided design. Let’s look at them and see if we’re telling the truth.

So, the first hairdo would work great for those who are looking for a great hair style that would suit both formal and informal occasions. Marley twisted waves are really beautiful and it’s certainly not too complicated braided style, that’s what we think about it.

What about some shiny and elegant Senegalese twists? It’s definitely one of those twisted and braided hairdos that look even better with the accessories (just take a look at the photo and see how these golden beads upgrade the look and make it really shiny). Another thing we adore here is the color — damn, this jet black is just perfect. Very deep and sexy color, if we may say so.

But when black isn’t enough, it’s time to think about some other interesting colors. Like about the mix of purple and burgundy shades — the third photo proves that these colors work great when it comes to twisted braids. If you are brave enough to try such a color, we highly recommend to think about such twists, cause it’s an amazing combination. Oh, and if you prefer beads, this twisted hairdo will be a good choice for you, too! Btw, the Kanekalon hair twists will work great here.

Ways to wear crochet twists braids 1
Ways to wear crochet twists braids 2
Ways to wear crochet twists braids 3

Cool pictures of big crochet braids for black women

Micro braids are cool, yeah, but there are some problems with ’em. The thing is, they can damage your hair, they are very time-consuming and they are quite complicated. Well, the majority of them — so if you aren’t a professional stylist and if you don’t know how to style crochet braids, such braids can be a problem for you. If you prefer big crochet braids that would work well for black women, we have some amazing types of such crochet hair styles here — and we are sure you’ll love them!

We’ve found something interesting for you here, as always. A long-term protective hairstyle that looks attractive and elegant — sounds like something perfect, right? And it really is. We are talking about these three photos — take a look and you’ll see these three amazing long bobs, made of big crochet braids. The good news is: they are also quite fast and easy. You know, when you ask the questions like “how long does it take to do crochet braids?”, the answers depend on the type of the hairstyle, but making these three styles will definitely not take 4-6 hours like micro braids, for instance.

P.S. Check the fourth photo out. We’ve found it for those who don’t know how to do crochet braids. This pattern is called “u-part pattern”, and it’s definitely one of the most natural-looking crochet braid patterns you can ever find!

Cool pictures of big crochet braids for black women 1
Cool pictures of big crochet braids for black women 2
Cool pictures of big crochet braids for black women 3
Cool pictures of big crochet braids for black women 4

Curly and wavy crochet braids for girls

What about some amazing braided designs for your wavy and curly hair? The mix of the curly, wavy and kinky textures is definitely the thing you have to try at least once — and the good news here is that making such a hairstyle isn’t very difficult today. The modern synthetic braids will help you to make all these Afro crochet hair styles even if you aren’t a professional hair stylist!

We’ve collected the wavy braided designs for all hair lengths, so you don’t have to worry if your hair is long/short enough for making a hairstyle you like. We highly recommend to pay attention to the last two hair designs here — the amazing long crochet braids style with a big bun that makes it trendy as hell, and a great idea of what to do with your short purple hair.

Curly and wavy crochet braids for girls 1
Curly and wavy crochet braids for girls 2
Curly and wavy crochet braids for girls 3
Curly and wavy crochet braids for girls 4

Ideas of crochet micro braids for black hair

When simple braids aren’t enough anymore, it’s time for something more stylish and fashionable, agree? Here we can offer you three amazing micro braided hairdos — yes, they may be quite time-consuming and not so simple as their bigger counterparts, but well, the result is 100% worth it. If you are a lady with black curly hair, if you have a whole day spare, and if you are ready to spend it on changing your style, you just can’t choose anything but micro braids.

We’ve tried to collect different types of such hairdos in order to fulfill all your needs. Thus, there is a bob here, and it would be a great choice for your short micro braids — if you don’t like long braids, this stylish and trending hairstyle will work great for you. The second hairdo is a little longer than the previous one, and these braids are upgraded with several gold beads — so if you wanted something that looks like a very African hairstyle, here it is. As for the last design, well, it’s just perfect — the combination of these fantastic long micro braids and a top ponytail is exactly what they call “trend” nowadays. Do you like it?

Ideas of crochet micro braids for black hair 2
Ideas of crochet micro braids for black hair 3

Hairstyles of kinky twists with crochet hair

Let’s return to the twists again! We’ve collected three examples of Havana twist hairstyles here, and we can guarantee you will be impressed by them.

Long, short, black, purple twists… All the hairstyles here have one thing in common: they all are made with Havana twists. Such extensions look similar to the Marley twists, but they are a little bit more expensive and bigger than Marleys. Some people do also believe that Havanas are a little easier to install at home, and it makes sense. With these extensions, you won’t need any cornrows for crochet braids, so they are perfect for beginners. Look at the photos and try them all!

Hairstyles of kinky twists with crochet hair 1
Hairstyles of kinky twists with crochet hair 2

Awesome crochet Senegalese twists

Senegalese twists are another type of protective braided hairstyles, like the box braids. They are quite easy to do — you braid the extensions around the roots of your hair, then you do a two-strand twist from the root to the ends of the hair and voila! The job is done. Well, it’s actually a little more difficult than it sounds, cause there are usually many twists to be done, but well, it’s still easier than working with Freetress braids, for example. If you don’t know what extensions to buy, we recommend Toyokalon and Kanekalon (the latter looks more realistic).

Meet three examples of Senegalese twists here: a ponytail with a very interesting pattern (this hairstyle would suit little girls great), a simple and very feminine medium-to-long hairstyle and long, thick braids with a big bun.

Awesome crochet Senegalese twists 1
Awesome crochet Senegalese twists 2
Awesome crochet Senegalese twists 3

Images of beautiful long crochet braids

The long braided hairdos are gorgeous. They are what we call “feminine hairstyles”, and despite they are often quite complicated, they are still worth the time spent on making them.

We’ll begin with long crochet micro braids. They are brown, with blue accents, and this combination of colors is really unique. Elegant, exquisite, unique — perfect braids for every African American lady.

Look at the second image. It’s a very beautiful hairstyle with the braided ends, and it’s a perfect example of how can you transform your straight hair.

The third hairdo is great, too. The faux goddess locs do always look beautiful, and this is just another photo that proves this statement.

Images of beautiful long crochet braids 1
Images of beautiful long crochet braids 2

Crochet box braids ideas

How long do crochet braids last? When we are talking about the crochet box braids, the answer is “up to eight weeks”, and that’s another reason to love these hairstyles — cause you can make the box braids and forget about hair damage for 2 months. Sounds great, right? What’s even more interesting, the box braids are well-known as the protective hairstyles that can influence the speed of your hair growth — looks like we’ve just found the win-win hairstyle idea for you!

Check out these three amazing ideas of box braids and don’t worry about how to do them and about how long do crochet braids last. They are simple, they are long-term, they are protective, and they are stylish. That’s all you have to know about them.

Crochet box braids ideas 1
Crochet box braids ideas 2
Crochet box braids ideas 3