Brown Ombre Hair

Brown ombre hair is one of the hottest trends this year. What do you know about this hair color combo? If you only remember that this is a gradual transition from dark to light hue, then you have actually no information about this trend! We would like to share with you some details about brown ombre and photos with the models, demonstrating this color combination, so that you could get inspired to change your hair color to this one immediately after finishing reading this article!

Did you know that ombre is not only a pretty hair coloring? It can do a lot of interesting changes with your outlook:

  • The hair gets more volume – visually, but this is a pleasant thing anyway, right?
  • Ombre allows you to have your hair dyed less frequently, which saves your hair from every-month-damage.
  • The attractive gradual transition from dark to light hue makes any face look a bit longer, even if you have a literally round face.
  • You will change your image without significant efforts or additional actions.
  • This hair color suits any wardrobe, face, body, style, etc.

By the way, you can dye your hair brown ombre even at home, with your own hands, which will save a lot of your money, as changing hair color to a trendy one can turn to be really expensive. Moreover, the longer your hair, the more your hairstyle will cost.

We have some photos for you to see that there are so many beautiful variations of ombre that it is even impossible to remember them all. We try to explain and describe these variations to help you in choosing the best one!

Beautiful Brown Ombre Hair

Brown Ombre Hair
Awesome Brown Ombre Hair

Sophisticated Dark Brown Ombre

If you do not like all those bright hair colors, but want to change your hairstyle radically, try darker ombre shades for brown hair! It’s dark brown variation is a beautiful way to make your look completely different without stressing dramatic changes. It always looks impressively elegant and can be suitable even for business ladies or for those who don’t like loud colors.

Sophisticated Dark Brown Ombre 1

Sophisticated Dark Brown Ombre 2

Sophisticated Dark Brown Ombre 3

Cute Light Brown Ombre Hair

Light brown hair look stunning with ombre! We have several wonderful examples of soft light ombre, so discover them as fast as you can, and you will see that the light brown to blonde color transition is one of the freshest and coolest hairstyles that you have ever seen! It matches any appearance, complexion, mood, wardrobe… Well, it is suitable everywhere, literally. Just imagine, how elegant, gentle, and nice you will look in tank top and jeans as well as in an evening dress with your hair dyed in light ombre. We are already knocked down by you and hope that you are inspired by the images that we have presented below!

Cute Light Brown Ombre Hair 1

Cute Light Brown Ombre Hair 2

Cute Light Brown Ombre Hair 3

Classic Ombre Hair: Brown to Blonde

Among the creative and unusual brown hair ideas, there is a classic ombre combination of brown and blonde. You can even go further and make a reverse ombre, though it is a slightly more extreme variant and we must say that it’s pretty unnatural. Classic ombre can be a lot more creative and brighter, but if you have already been wearing this hairstyle for a long time, try a reverse one – look how fantastic and unusual it is! If you like being in the center of anyone’s attention, but still adore classic styles and do not want to throw it out from your life – a reverse ombre is your variant.

Classic Ombre Hair: Brown to Blonde 1

Classic Ombre Hair: Brown to Blonde 2

Classic Ombre Hair: Brown to Blonde 3

Brown Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

To make the ombre on short hair is quite a difficult task; we would say that it is even impossible for an average hairdresser. However, bob or long bob are the pretty convenient hairstyles for this hair color option! Though, if you are sure that a really short hairstyle is your aim – get it! Keira Knightley was bold enough to cut her hair and dye it ombre. If you have a good hair stylist, you should definitely try a brown ombre! Even if you have never had a short hairstyle, try it too. The psychologists say that the changing of even one detail of your look can influence your whole life, so if you need some changes – get them by such a beautiful hairstyle. Discover how it looks below!

Brown Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair 1

Brown Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair 2

Brown Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair 3

Black to Brown Ombre for Medium Hair

Black to brown ombre is, probably, a classic variation of ombre. Black color should be used carefully, as this is an unnatural hue, unless you have naturally rich black hair color. Additionally, if you are a girl with pale skin, black can contrast with you sharply, so be ready to look a bit sick if using this color as your hair’s main. However, a transition to brown can significantly soften black, so you should consider black to brown ombre, especially if you have medium hair.

Black to Brown Ombre for Medium Hair 1

Black to Brown Ombre for Medium Hair 2

Black to Brown Ombre for Medium Hair 3

Brown Hair With Subtle Ombre

Subtle ombre is one of the most natural and elegant ones among all the ombre types! If you are not ready to make your hair look different, start with a subtle ombre. By the way, if you choose this very ombre type, your hair will definitely say “thanks” to you, as the damage from hair dye will be minimal – just one lightening procedure and you are a lucky owner of stylish hair color!

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Brown Hair With Subtle Ombre 1

Brown Hair With Subtle Ombre 2

Brown Hair With Subtle Ombre 3

Impressive Dark Brown to Light Brown Ombre Color

The transition from dark brown to light brown is insanely pretty! Just look how it shines on the beautiful models, whose photos we have placed below! We hope that you will find the needed inspiration here and change your hairstyle to this stunning ombre color combo!

Dark Brown to Light Brown Ombre Color 1

Dark Brown to Light Brown Ombre Color 2

Dark Brown to Light Brown Ombre Color 3

Caramel Ombre Brown Hair

Caramel color is very delicious! There is no wonder, why girls adore it. An ombre with a caramel hint will look especially sexy, feminine, and attractive, and the sun rays will show every beautiful lock on your hair! If you are ready to the knocking dose of attention – dye your hair caramel ombre and see the men slobbering!

Caramel Ombre Brown Hair 1

Caramel Ombre Brown Hair 2

Caramel Ombre Brown Hair 3

Ombre Highlights for Brown Hair

Ombre highlights is the modern type of ombre itself. Once stylists decided to dye only the parts of locks, which creates a shine-like effect on hair even with the absence of any light. We should say that they have done great work and succeed, as the final result is stunning! You can see it in the photos that we prepared for you.

Ombre Highlights for Brown Hair 1

Ombre Highlights for Brown Hair 2

Ombre Highlights for Brown Hair 2

Chocolate Brown Ombre You Need to Try

The chocolate color is so delicious! Just like caramel one, this hue would make your friends, relatives, and passers-by wonder how sweet you are or have become after dying your hair this color. If your natural hair color is chocolate brown, you can only lighten the tips of your locks a bit without additional damage for all the hair length.

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Chocolate Brown Ombre You Need to Try 1

Chocolate Brown Ombre You Need to Try 2

Chocolate Brown Ombre You Need to Try 3

Perfect Brown Ombre on Long Hair

Brown ombre looks perfect on the long hair, as the transition can be performed in the most natural way; in other words, the longer your hair is, the easier it will be to make the transition as smooth as possible. Moreover, brown ombre can show itself in all its glory only on long hair.  Sarah Jessica Parker definitely knows how to look perfect on the red carpet with a brown ombre on her wonderful straight hair!


Perfect Brown Ombre on Long Hair 1

Perfect Brown Ombre on Long Hair 2

Perfect Brown Ombre on Long Hair 3

Perfect Brown Ombre on Long Hair 4

How About Brown to Silver Ombre?

Brown to silver ombre may seem to be too contrastive and incompatible combo, as brown is a warm color and silver is a cold one. We have the opposite opinion! If you add a bit of coldness to your natural brown hair, such an ombre type will look amazingly harmonious. Though, you always can preserve a little conflict between the two colors if you want to attract additional attention to the unusual choice of ombre hues.

Brown to Silver Ombre 1

Brown to Silver Ombre 2

Brown to Silver Ombre 3

Interesting Russet Brown Ombre Hair

A light hint of honey hue in brown color is beautiful. The one, who invented this very idea was a true genius, as he or she created a perfect russet brown ombre. This color combination looks fantastic on any hair length; though, as we remember from the previous subtitle, long hair is a bit more suitable for this stunning transition shade. This is a good variant for those who have been wearing a bright red hair color for years and are already sick and tired with it, or for those, who want more color in life, but is scared to look like a fire pit.

Russet Brown Ombre Hair 1

Russet Brown Ombre Hair 2

Russet Brown Ombre Hair 3



Creative Ash Brown Ombre

The trend of warm colors in makeup did not touch the hair trends. The cold colors and hues are still on top! If you don’t want to see a golden or caramel brunette in a mirror, try adding a platinum hue to your outlook; this would be really cool, especially if you are a Nordic lady with porcelain skin and thin wrists. However, be careful, if your skin has warm color: you will look weird and really off-putting, as people will see the absence of color harmony in you.

Ash Brown Ombre 1

Ash Brown Ombre 2

Ash Brown Ombre 3

Unusual Brown to Red Ombre

Brown to red ombre is one of the winning variants if you want to impress everyone with your look! The girls, who recently outgrew the desire to look shockingly with bright hair color, but still cannot refuse from some rebel features of character, would like this very ombre type. By the way, a brown to red ombre can look very natural, if harmonized from the hair roots to the tips by adding a bit of reddish hint to the natural brown hair. If you are not ready to leave the bright life or, vice versa, want to add some color to your cold and grey days – welcome to the world of reddish ombre!

Brown to Red Ombre 1

Brown to Red Ombre 2

Brown to Red Ombre 3

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