Braided Bangs Hairstyles

A date with your boyfriend has finally arrived. Have you already decided what clothes to wear and what hairstyle to make? Have a look at these wonderful braided bangs hairstyles we have in our big collection. This season, braided bangs are very popular. They are easy to do, but they will make you look stunning. The following samples of braids with bangs are the best for young girls. The look is very cute and playful. The guy you like will be amazed to see you with these beautiful braids with bangs.

Everything You Need to Know about Braiding Bangs

Everything You Need to Know about Braiding Bangs 1
Everything You Need to Know about Braiding Bangs 2
Everything You Need to Know about Braiding Bangs 3
Everything You Need to Know about Braiding Bangs 4

Okay, let’s face the truth, bangs are tricky. Not only can they make you look weird sometimes but also it seems that a fringe always lives its own life. Girls who have ever tried to tame bangs know exactly what we mean here. Some parts of a bang always curl while other parts just stick out in a strange direction. To make matters worse, no matter what you do, the bangs just don’t lay the way you want them to. Sounds familiar? We bet it does. But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on bangs for good. Braiding bangs is a great way out if you want to have a “bangless” day, but aren’t ready to say goodbye to your fringe yet. And the best thing is, such braided bangs can complement almost any hairstyle. Ponytails, high buns, elegant updos – all of them look even better with a braided fringe.

Cute Braided Bangs Ideas

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Cute Braided Bangs Ideas 2
Cute Braided Bangs Ideas 3
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You can braid the whole head along with the bangs or braid just the bangs. Either way, you will look gorgeous. There are literally tons of interesting and cute braided bangs ideas out there so you can pick the hairstyle that fits you in the best way. You can even decorate your braided bangs with a ribbon, scarf or any other accessory. It’s up to you. All we know is that the examples you can find in the pictures are all very cute.

Ways of How to Braid Bangs

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How to braid your bangs? If this question appears in your head, it means that you have tried but something went wrong. Okay, first of all, don’t be freaked out, to braid bangs isn’t easy, it takes time to practice. Second of all, you need some examples to look at to be able to copy. One of the best ways to get the bangs off your forehead is to make a simple crown braid all over your head while braiding your bangs in. Another cool way to braid bangs is to plait it to the side. More of it later. Now you can see that it’s not difficult as it might seem at first.

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Easy Braided Bangs Hairstyles

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Easy Braided Bangs Hairstyles 2
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What we love about braided bangs most is that all hairstyles look more stylish with them. Like, let’s take a simple ponytail. Add a messy plaited bangs to it and voila you are ready to go to a fancy party. Not to mention the convenience since with your bangs braided you won’t have to worry about hair getting in your eyes. Yes, easy as that.

Side Bang Braids Variations

Side Bang Braids Variations 1
Side Bang Braids Variations 2
Side Bang Braids Variations 3
Side Bang Braids Variations 4

There’s something so fairytale-like about the side braid with bangs. It’s hard to explain. The way the front part of the hair is braided to the side opening the face but not too much, it’s just awesome. Moreover, bangs braided to the side are the easiest to do. And the variations of such hairstyles are endless. Check out the ones in this paragraph.

Cool French Braided Bangs

Cool French Braided Bangs 1
Cool French Braided Bangs 2
Cool French Braided Bangs 3
Cool French Braided Bangs 4

What are the types of braids that first spring to your mind? The chances are, these are the Dutch braid and the French braid, which may look similar but just so you know the Dutch braid is a reverse version of the French braid. Okay, so these two types of braids are perfect for braided bangs. But your choice isn’t limited to only them. You can go for an under braid to add more volume to the braided bangs. Or even a Fishtail braid that looks absolutely beautiful if it’s messy.

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Interesting Bang with Braids Tutorial

Interesting Bang with Braids Tutorial 1

Interesting Bang with Braids Tutorial 2

Interesting Bang with Braids Tutorial 3

Interesting Bang with Braids Tutorial 4

What is the best way to learn how to do a bang braid? Of course, by following the instructions of these braided bangs tutorials. The girls in the pics show you what to do step by step. So just follow their lead and you will definitely make the braided bang of your dream. Besides, there are a lot of video tutorials on braiding bangs too, so make sure you check them out as well. The diversity of the braided bangs hairstyles is quite impressive, isn’t it?

Ideas of Braided Bangs for Short Hair

Ideas of Braided Bangs for Short Hair 1
Ideas of Braided Bangs for Short Hair 2
Ideas of Braided Bangs for Short Hair 3
Ideas of Braided Bangs for Short Hair 4

If you haven’t found the right braid for bangs yet, it’s okay. Perhaps, you have short hair and the options above didn’t meet your expectations. We’ve rounded up the best braided bangs ideas for short hair here, so make sure you checked them all out. What we love about braided bangs hairstyles most is that they are so versatile that suit any hair length either it’s long hair, medium hair or short hair. You will definitely find something for your hair length here. Good luck!