Braid Styles for Men

The braided hairstyles for men are not just “trending”, they are basically the trend now. It’s the part of the great African American culture, no doubt, and braids are extremely popular among black men. We mean that, if you are a dark skinned man, you’ve most likely thought about having braids already. Have you?

Well, tbh, the answer doesn’t really matter, cos we have something here that will certainly impress you and make you wanna go to the salon and make braids asap. We’ve collected 40 different kinds of braids for men that will suit all the guys here. Whether you are a black guy or a white guy, whether you have long or short hair, whether you wanna find something simple or complex, we have this “something” here for you. We can guarantee it!

But at first, you have to know some braiding rules (you can skip them if you already know something about the braids).

At first, the length of your hair matters. The questions like “how long does your hair have to be to braid for guys?” are very common, and the answer is very simple here: the absolute majority of braids need your hair to be at least 3 inches long (however, there are some very short braids styles we’ll talk about later). Please, note that if your hair is shorter than that, your stylist has to be VERY skilled in order to not screw up.

The second rule sounds like this: you shouldn’t wear your braids more than 6 weeks. The majority of such hairdos would not damage hair during this period of time, but your hair will definitely start to break after 6 weeks, so don’t take any risks.

The third one is: don’t overuse small braids (or micro braids). It can make your hair much thinner, and that’s not what you want, right?

And the last one is: protect your braids while sleeping. Just trust us on this, it’s really necessary.

Alright, let’s start it.

Unique cornrows braids styles for men

And guess what? We’ll start with the cornrows. Yeah, they are probably the first thing that comes to mind when we start thinking about braids, and there’s a reason for that. The thing is, the cornrows are really trending these days, and we can guarantee that they will be trendy at least in the next few years. They look great, they are very popular, and they are probably the best way to express your personality through a hairstyle. Let’s see what we got here for you (and we bet you won’t be disappointed).

The very first hairdo is quite simple. There are four high top braids here, and you can say that they are quite large, but that’s what we love about it. You know, the larger the braids are, the easier it will be for you to wear and to maintain them — so even if 4 large braids don’t look as fresh as dozens of small ones, well, you will thank us for this later, when you will not need to spend hours to maintain them.

Two feed in braids, everyone? The second hairdo here is a very stylish combination of two braids and cornrows, and of course, it’s much more complex than the previous one. As we’ve said at the beginning, the length matters here, and it’s the first proof of this statement. The thing is, the longer your hair is, the better such hairdo looks on you — and if it’s long enough, you will definitely stand out from the crowd with this style. Well, yeah, it’s a quite complicated hairdo because of the cornrows (the braids themselves are not as difficult to do), but you’ll certainly love the result.

Yes, long hair works better when it comes to braids, but not in this case. We’ve promised that we’d find something interesting for those who wanted to know how to braid short hair. Here it is.

It’s one of those side braid hairstyles, when the cornrows hang freely from the sides. These braids are called ASAP Rocky braids, so if you wanna look like one of the GOAT rappers, you shouldn’t miss this style.

Meet the last style here, one of the most popular braid designs for males — the undercut braid! It makes sense that a combination of two extremely trending hair styles like undercut and cornrows couldn’t result in anything less than top. And this one is definitely the top hairdo, that’s what we know about it.

It’s quite simple, tho. You’ll only need to make two braids, and your natural hair will be fine here. Just as all the other 2 braids men hairstyles, this one is simple and stylish!

Unique cornrows braids styles for men 1
Unique cornrows braids styles for men 2
Unique cornrows braids styles for men 3
Unique cornrows braids styles for men 4

Short and long box braids hairstyles for men

What about some box braids? Lots of guys with braids have their hair styled like this, and you definitely have to try at least one of such hairdos. Check them out right now!

So, the first hairdo is cornrows in a bun. Buns are extremely popular when it comes to long box braids hairstyles, because that’s basically the most stylish and the sexiest thing you can do with your long box braids. The bun+cool braids, oh, this combination will definitely make ladies pay attention to you!

The main difference of the second hairstyle here is the size of a bun. If your hair isn’t long enough to make such a large bun as at the previous photo, well, don’t worry about it, it’s not about the size here. This small bun looks extremely fresh and stylish, and we’re sure that all the young men with braids (or without them yet) have to think about making such a hairstyle. It’s really cool.

Of course, it’s not about the man bun with braids when we’re talking about the box braids. Thus, the ASAP Rocky style we’ve mentioned before is extremely popular and stylish, too — and the thing is, the braids to the side are another trend of this year, so you won’t make an outdated hairdo if you choose this one. Well, we can say the same about all the styles we’ve included in this list.

The last design is boxed again, and it’s quite complex, too. It will take hours to make all these small braids (and to maintain them), but the good news here is that it’s a protective hairstyle, which means your hair will not be damaged by these braids. Well, unless you wear them for a few months or so.

Short and long box braids hairstyles for men 1
Short and long box braids hairstyles for men 2
Short and long box braids hairstyles for men 3

Easy hair braiding styles for young men

What about some easy braiding styles? Like, the ones that don’t need you to spend 4-5 hours on making them? We have such hairdos here, too!

The first one is extremely simple, but that’s still not the hairstyle you can make at home. Well, unless you are a professional stylist, but that’s not the common case when it comes to young men, right?

It’s a hairstyle with the classic cornrow braids on top and a little man bun. The mid skin fade on sides makes it extremely stylish and fashionable, and we bet that it’s exactly what you were looking for. Btw, the bun isn’t necessary here, because this hairstyle will look great even without it!

Looking for half head braids? The second photo is for you. A very little, simple and messy bun works great together with these two simple braids. Oh, and it’s a perfect hairstyle for those who wanna know how to braid short hair!

Oh, and what about some twists? This twisted hairstyle isn’t one of those traditional braiding styles, but it doesn’t make it worse. Simple twisting is a perfect choice for the beginners and for those who don’t want to spend hours in a salon. Would you try it?

Easy hair braiding styles for young men 1
Easy hair braiding styles for young men 2
Easy hair braiding styles for young men 3

Black braided mohawk hairstyles for guys

Mohawks can look obsolete and outdated in some cases, but we have collected only the ones that look great here. Do you feel a rebel inside you? Do you want to represent your personality to everyone around you?

If the answers are “yes”, the braided mohawks are exactly what you need. Take a look at the first one — it’s a very complex hairstyle with spikes and with a very complicated pattern on top of the head. It means that you will need a few hours to finish this mohawk, but take a look at the first picture once again and say that it isn’t worth it!

When a braid on top of head isn’t enough anymore, you can upgrade your braids and make a mohawk. Take a look at the second photo — it’s a dread mohawk, and what we love about this hairstyle is its details. There are lots of them, and they are done perfectly — which means you will most likely not able to make this hairstyle at home. Choose the most skillful stylist in your city, cause this is a very complicated mohawk!

The last mohawk here is another complex hairstyle which means you’ll have to spend some time and money on it. But, well, just look at these fantastic vertical braids and you’ll want them!

Black braided mohawk hairstyles for guys 1
Black braided mohawk hairstyles for guys 2
Black braided mohawk hairstyles for guys 3

Various big braids for men with long hair

Men have various reasons to love big braids. Like, some think that the bigger they are the better, other guys think that big braids look masculine, some just love big braids without any reasons. It doesn’t matter why do you love them, because all you have to do is to make your choice right now!

We’ve collected three amazing braided hairstyles with big braids here. Big, thick braids look wonderful if they are inspired by the Viking hairstyles — just look at the first photo to make sure we’re telling the truth. Three braids are pulled together on the ends, and this looks extremely masculine. Well, the Viking haircuts always look masculine, and big braids only make them better.

It isn’t an exclusive hairstyle for long hair, btw. As you can see, short and shoulder length hair would work great, too.

The second hairstyle is a classic double braided mohawk, and these braids are exactly what we can call “big braids”. It’s a very simple hairstyle, and you can make it at home — if you are a beginner, it would be quite wise to start braiding your own hair with a men french braid. Such braids are not too complicated, and there are only two of them here, so you shouldn’t expect any serious problems.

The third photo here is definitely not what you expected to see. It’s a very long, single braid hairstyle that would look great both on black and white men. What’s more, it’s another simple hairstyle that will not take too much of your time.

Various big braids for men with long hair 1
Various big braids for men with long hair 2
Various big braids for men with long hair 3

Braided hair designs for men with short hair

Short hair is good, too, when it comes to braids. Maybe such hairstyles aren’t as impressive as their long counterparts, but they still look perfect. Take a look at these three examples!

So, the first one is a taper fade with a Dutch braid. Two Dutch braids, basically — they don’t need long hair, short is fine, too. If you have thin hair, it’s not a problem, too, cause this hairstyle creates the illusion of the volume — and that’s why we like it.

The second hair design would work great on your short hair, too! It’s a braided hairstyle, of course, and the zig zag braids look extremely fashionable here. The small top knot at the back of the head is fine, too, but it isn’t necessary, of course. Damn, just look at all these details! They are perfect, aren’t they?

As for the third one, well, it could be quite surprising for someone, but don’t worry about it. A white man with cornrows is absolutely ok, and such hairstyles suit white men, too — look at the third photo and see it with your own eyes. No one has any problems with color here, right?

Braided hair designs for men with short hair 1
Braided hair designs for men with short hair 2
Braided hair designs for men with short hair 3

Awesome man bun braids with fade

The man bun braided hairstyles with fade ain’t nothing but a trend now. We may even say that it’s something like a modern classic — so if you wanna follow the latest trends, this is exactly what you need.

You know that the bun haircuts are extremely popular now, and the faded sides are kinda like must-have for the people with man buns. What’s more, there are lots of ways to improve buns, to upgrade them and to make such hairstyles much more fashionable! The braids will work well in the absolute majority of cases. Take a look at the first photo — this is a classic man bun with fade, but these four braids only make it better. Agree?

Basically, all such hairstyles look quite similar because of the same principle, but the details can vary. Like, the second hairstyle will impress you with the details of the braid pattern, and of course, it’s a very time-consuming style. The third braided style has thicker braids and the bun at the back of the head, but as we’ve said, the principle is the same.

Awesome man bun braids with fade 1
Awesome man bun braids with fade 2
Awesome man bun braids with fade 3

Popular male hairstyles with braids and beads

As you see from the previous paragraph, there is a little problem with the most popular types of braids. The thing is, they are becoming too popular — and the situation is just like with the undercuts here: the most popular braided hairstyles look very similar to each other. Of course, we all want to stand out from the crowd, but what should we do if the braids themselves can’t help us?

The answer is very simple, basically. The accessories. Beads are the things that will help you customize your braided hairstyle and make it really unique — and if you are looking for some male hairstyles with braids that will work great with beads, well, we have them here. Let’s take a look.

The first hairstyle is quite complicated — but it’s a true gift for the fans of a fishbone braid, because there are two of them here! It’s a high quality, detailed braided hairstyle, and it only becomes better with these amazing metallic beads. The good news is that you can buy them everywhere, and they are not too expensive.

The second one is a classic long braided hairstyle with disconnected lines and with metal beads at the ends of the braids. We can’t say that it’s a very unique style, but we are still sure that you’ll love such accessories and that they’ll make your haircut better and more stylish!

If two small beads isn’t enough for you, we have something better than this. Meet these amazing Lil Yachty beads — they look gorgeous on red braids, but even if you have black or brown hair color, they will still upgrade your look. We can guarantee it.

And the last hero is… Snoop Doggy Dogg! Seriously, you didn’t think we weren’t going to mention Snoop Dogg braids in this long read about braids, right? His braids are quite simple, but these amazing beads make them look much better.

Popular male hairstyles with braids and beads 1
Popular male hairstyles with braids and beads 2
Popular male hairstyles with braids and beads 3
Popular male hairstyles with braids and beads 4

Cool African braid styles for black men

We’ll start with the individual braids men hairstyle here. It was definitely inspired by the traditional African hairstyles, and it’s a box braids hairdo that looks stylish as hell. We are sure that it would work amazing for young black guys, and it’s also a protective hairdo which makes it even better.

The second traditional African braid design is a half braids hairdo with a large bun on the top of a head. It’s not as elegant as some previous styles, no — it’s a very masculine braided hairdo. And that’s why you’ll like it.

The last one is another masculine hairstyle. It seems that these large braids would suit every black man in the world, and it’s great, because this ponytail looks extremely hot. Check it out!

Cool African braid styles for black men 1
Cool African braid styles for black men 2
Cool African braid styles for black men 3

Men’s two braids styles for medium length hair

The first hairdo is very elegant. These micro plaits look perfect because of the color — so if you are looking for small braids, well, we recommend to think about dying them white or yellow. It will look gorgeous,

We also found a great and classic two braids hairdo with a bun. Simple, popular, great, that’s what we can say about it. Oh, and it works great with a beard (as you can see).

If you don’t have very long and thick hair, don’t worry about it. The last hairdo will show you that you can look great even with such hair length — because oh man, these two small braids look very, very good. It’s a very modern look, and it can be both formal and informal.

Mens two braids styles for medium length hair 1
Mens two braids styles for medium length hair 2
Mens two braids styles for medium length hair 3