Blue Black Hair

Look at this young and gorgeous woman who is a famous American actress Jessica Alba! She has a very extravagant blue black hair which matches her look perfectly. This black hair with blue undertone is perfect for special occasions where you wear an evening gown and a bright makeup. If you want to look as stylish as these women, you should definitely try this hair design. It suits women with both light and dark skin. You can experiment with the length of your hair, waives, and creative French braids.

 Extravagant Blue Black Hair for Confident Women

blue black hair

blue black hair1

Blue Black Hair Dye

blue black hair dye

blue black hair dye1

Black and Blue Hair

Have you ever thought to have a blue hair design? Nowadays, these bluish black hair are very trendy. Women who want to attract attention try this hair design and never regret their choice. Mix it with a beautiful dress, bright makeup, and you will be a real star.

black and blue hair

black and blue hair1

Black Blue Hair

black blue hair

black blue hair1

Blue and Black Hair

blue and black hair

blue and black hair1

Black Blue Hair Dye

black blue hair dye

black blue hair dye1

Popular natural blue black hair

If you want to make your natural black hair look stylish and bright, try the following ideas with natural blue black hair. This style will make both young girls and mature women who are not afraid to look bright and extravagant.

blue black hair color

Blue Highlights in Black Hair

blue highlights in black hair

blue highlights in black hair1

Black Hair Blue Highlights


black hair blue highlights

black hair blue highlights1

Dark Blue Highlights

dark blue highlights

dark blue highlights1

Trendy blue highlights in black hair

If you want to make your look very stylish and playful, you should experiment with these blue highlights in black hair. If your natural color of the hair is dark, you just have to apply blue highlights at the ends of your hair to make a very interesting effect.

black hair with blue tint

Bright blue tinted brown hair designs

Nowadays, women are free to experiment with hair colors as much as they want. What do you think about such blue tinted brown hair designs? A woman with long dark hair and such blue tins will grab all the attention.

black hair dye with blue tint

Stylish dark blue black hair

Are you ready to make your look extravagant? Here is a very creative idea for you – dark blue black hair. Your new hair design will match perfectly both a casual outfit and an evening gown for a special celebration.

dark blue black hair

Discover different shades of black hair designs

Women love to change their style and appearance. If you are ready for a dramatic hair transformation, check out the following different shades of black hair. These ideas will make your look very stylish and at the same time very feminine.

different shades of black hair

Shades of Blue Hair Dye

shades of blue hair dye