Balayage Hair Color Ideas

When it comes to hair coloring, there are quite a few different techniques you can give a try to. And as it often happens – the wider the choice is, the harder it is to actually make a decision. There are ombre, highlights, lowlights, foilayage, babylights, peekaboo hair, full and partial hair dyeing, to name a few. Even though all the styles, which we mentioned in a previous sentence, are beautiful and trendy, there’s this hair highlighting technique that deserves our special attention. Of course, it’s balayage.

What Is a Balayage Technique

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What Is a Balayage Technique 2
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What does balayage mean? Taken from the French language, the word itself means “sweeping”. Now that you know that, it doesn’t make more sense in terms of hairstyling, right? Well, if you look at this word from a different angle, everything will get clearer. Let’s say, your hair is brown. By applying a balayage technique, a hair stylist seems to sweep lightener into the hair to create highlights and contrast. Unlike ombre, in which the transition from the dark roots to the light tips is more visible, balayage is more natural-looking and softer. What is more, not all the ends will be dyed and there won’t be vivid gradation from dark to light as if it was with ombre. All in all, with balayage you’ll get hair that looks like you have spent the whole summer at the beach. But it doesn’t mean that this sunkissed effect can be reached only on light brown or blonde hair color. There are quite a few balayage shades and colors to try. And all of them look fabulous.

Balayage Hair Color Ideas

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Nowadays, the variety of colors for hair are unlimited. If you are tired of your basic hair color, you should definitely try one of the following balayage hair color ideas. This is not a secret that balayage hair is very popular this season. It perfectly fits women with brown eyes and dark skin tones. You should try the balayage brown hair, no matter if you have your natural black or blond hair. The modern way of dying hair is quite safe and it will not damage your hair at all. This color looks awesome on a straight bob haircut, as well as on long curly hair.

Various Balayage Highlights

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Truth to be told, the balayage technique has been here for a while. Though it’s not a new trend, the gorgeous balayage highlights aren’t going anywhere in the near future. Styles like balayage are timeless. And the best thing is, there are lots of balayage highlights to try. From subtle balayage (or so-called “barely there”) to full balayage. Since the hairstylist applies the dye freehand, the result can’t pre-guessed and this is the whole point of the technique we all love so much.

This collection of highlights for dark hair should surely please you.

Subtle Balayage on Dark Hair

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The balayage hair coloring technique allows you to play with the depth and dimension of the hairstyle, which means you can visually add volume to your hair. Dark hair is a great base to create a real balayage masterpiece on it. Have ever you seen brunette girls with subtle balayage? They look gorgeous. The good news is, if you want to slightly lighten some streaks of your hair, balayage is definitely your option.

Stunning Dark Balayage

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Stunning Dark Balayage 2
Stunning Dark Balayage 3

Okay, we haven’t been completely honest with you. Balayage doesn’t necessarily have to be light. It has to be a slightly lighter color than your base color, that’s it. So, overall, you can find a lot of cool hairstyles with dark balayage. Cold or warm hues, it’s up to you. You just can’t go wrong with this hair coloring technique!

Examples of Balayage on Long Hair

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As a rule, no matter what kind of hair coloring you want, it looks better on long hair. Balayage is no exception. this can be explained with the help of an analogy. Let’s say you are a painter. And you want to depict a picturesque landscape. And you have two canvas: 20-by-24 inches’ and 36-by-48 inches’ canvas. Which one is better for being able to depict more details? Of course, a bigger one. Basically, when it comes to hairstyles, the situation is similar. Long hair gives a lot more space for creativity and the result is more well-seen. We’re not trying to say that if you are a girl with medium or short hair, you can’t try balayage. Of course, you can and should, at least once, to see if it’s right for you. And we can tell you for sure that once you have tried balayage, it will be hard to give up on it.

The collection of light auburn hair color will give inspiration and new ideas for hairstyles.

Colorful Balayage to Try

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Everybody is used to typical brown and blonde balayage. But the fact that we are used to it doesn’t mean that this is the only one option. You can find tons of cool colorful balayage hairstyles on the web. From pastel pink to extravagant purple, from intense red to soft gray balayage. As we said, there are lots and lots of colors you can play with to get a balayage look. There’s one thing, though. Complex hair coloring requires skills and experience so keep this in mind while choosing a colorist.

Ideas of Balayage for Brown Hair

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Even if you think that you have seen all the possible balayage styles for brown hair, we have a few more ideas for you here. Light or dark hues, warm or cold ones, the choice is yours, but you definitely need some inspiration. Is that so? For this purpose, we have collected the best pictures showing what brown balayage can look like on different girls. And you know what? Balayage suits everyone despite their natural hair color.

Collection of light brown hair for inspiration with new ideas.

Balayage: Before and After Looks

Balayage: Before and After Looks 1
Balayage: Before and After Looks 2
Balayage: Before and After Looks 3

One of the pros of balayage is that it is super easy to grow out your natural hair. There won’t be the need to dye your whole head of hair in a color that is similar to your base color. There won’t be the need to wear hats or scarves. There won’t be tears because you are tired of looking in the mirror at something you don’t like. All in all, balayage is a perfect hair coloring technique. Do you agree?

If you want to dye your hair, but have a natural look, you should give the balayage a go. Your entire look will be very natural and shiny. Before and after looks will give you a better understanding of what to expect. Just a perfect mix of balayage and ombre hairstyle.

The Best Balayage Hairstyles to Get Inspired

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It is always better to see once than to hear or read a hundred times, isn’t it? Much has been said about balayage as a kind of hair coloring, but if you are curious about the balayage process, or you want to find out how to balayage hair, we highly recommend you to watch step by step tutorials instead of reading instructions. We’re not saying that it is impossible to do balayage at home by yourself. What we’re saying is that it isn’t an easy task. And it’s always better to entrust such things to a master.
All in all, we hope that you have read and seen enough to finally get the hairstyle of your dream – the balayage!