Twist Braids Hairstyles


What are twist braids hairstyles and why are so many African American women opting for them. Well its process of taking two pieces of hair and twisting them together to create an awesome design.

French braiding is also involved heavily. The longer or thicker your hair is the better this style will work for you. Synthetic or natural hair can both achieve the hairstyle.

Its called two strand twist when administered using your own natural hair. The ends of this hairstyle are secured and locked into place by some type of decorative clip or elastic band. (Preferably NOT rubber)

Once again color and length will decide how dynamic your style will be once complete.

This leaves the question…

Why are women gravitating to this styling option of twist braids?

We could give you the long version of this answer but that would be boring. The simple answer is because natural hair has taken off to new heights. Women are now styling their own hair from home at impressive rates. Two strand twist braids offer an array of benefits so the popularity is through the roof.

  • Easy to do
  • Can be done using your own hair (no cost)
  • Low manipulation to the hair
  • Can add color or length to your look if using extensions
  • Locks in and seals moisture
  • Creates another hairstyle once untwisted