Black Braided Updo Hairstyles

Black Braided Updo Hairstyles


Black Braided Updo HairstylesBlack braided updo hairstyles are the swing style that can be rocked at upscale events as well as regular places.

Black Braided Updo Hairstyles Pictures Gallery


Tiny custom braids done by Jalicia Hair styles. They look so good draped down the back or pinned up in a neatly rolled bun.

14. tiny black braided bun updo
Large styled braid looped in the back of the hair to bring a dramatic effect.

13. large black braided updo
If you are going to a professional event or something elegant this will work perfectly.

12. pretty black braided updo
Sometimes jet black braids just do the job. A touch of color over the eye lids just brings out the look even more.

11. jet black braided updo hairstyle
If you are into designs that make people talk you can’t go wrong with this look.

10. custom black braided updo
Flat twist on the side and rolled up into a braided bun style. We love the yellow accents on the outfit and makeup too.

9. flat twist black braided updo
This is a wonderful way to wear weave as a protective style to guard your natural hair.

8. black braided updo weave
Elegant styling of the hair with some red makeup. The perfect look to get married in for sure.

7. black braided updo hairstyle
Rock this style the next time you head to Atlanta for Bronner Brothers or the World Natural Hair Show.

6. black braided updo half mohawk
A bold unique style that can be worn by the most confident of little girls or grown women.

5. black braided updo deisgn
the look that speaks to those who also take their makeup serious.

4. black braided updo and makeup
Some call this a baseball stitch braids hairstyle. This can be achieved by using some weave for the bun bumps.

3. black braided senegalese updo
Pink lipstick and arched eyebrows say everything with this yarned braided updo.

2. black braided side updo hairstyle
When you wanna rock a mohawk but you still want to keep your thirsty roots in a protective style.

Depending on whether it’s incorporated with braids or dreadlocks can make much of a difference in the corporate manner. While all the styling options for updos are beautiful some of them may not be practical for work. Here are some great images for you to look at to make a decision for yourself and your situation.

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Braided updo hairstyles with shown with unbelievable design styling from some very skilled stylist around the world. Doesn’t matter if you want to use weave or your natural hair braids. When you are ready to rock black braided updo hairstyles just visit this page for inspiration.

1. black braided mohawk updo