African American Hair


African American French Braids

African American french braiding is the hairstyling option that calls for a longer braid. For many black women this achieved quickly by using extensions. Designs usually aren't created with this hairstyle. If you want creative work you should opt for cornrows or fishtail braids.

After carefully selecting your stylist and braiding hair prepare to be in the shop for a couple of hours. A licensed individual will know to create your style using tension so that the braid is close to the scalp. However, if it's too tight you can initiate traction alopecia amongst thinning edges.

Braiding hair is an art and some artist are good while others rank as GREAT! Depending on how skilled your stylist is will determine your overall look.

  • French Braided Bun  
  • Long French Braids 

African American French Braids